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Potter's Interference -- Team EWE

Title: Potter's Interference
Team: Epilogue, What Epilogue?
Author: yodels
Prompt: The Magician
Wordcount: ~8500
Rating: PG
Warnings: foul language, does that need a warning?
Summary: In the years after the war, Draco Malfoy has built a successful business that skirts the edge of legality by becoming adept at figurative sleight-of-hand. Enter Harry Potter, moral upright citizen still chasing after Draco, still suspicious of his every move. When their lives intersect in an unexpected way, will Draco be able to smooth-talk his way out of trouble?
Disclaimer: These characters in no way belong to me. All credit goes to JKR, Warner Bros., Bloomsbury and countless others, I'm sure. It's all in good fun.
Author's Note: Thanks to my betas, who worked so hard. Readers: may you find The Magician as interesting as I did. The link above will tell you all you need to know.

Potter's Interference

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This was a very pleasant read. I loved that final scene, and you used your prompt very well. Draco and Harry would, of course, end up in "opposite" professions.
I want your icon so badly ...
The erumpents were stampeding. - all four of them! *snorts* This piece starts off with a bang (or, well, a stampede) and doesn't fail to amuse throughout.

Prying, Potter? How unlike you. Heh. It is so typical that, years ahead, Harry is still obsessed with Draco. The timeline (countdown to Potter's interference) and its link to the title were a nice touch. The development of their relationship was great.

I want a crup! Much ♥ for this fic.

Great use of the prompt and for the team (go Team EWE)!
Hee, thank you so much! The crup was definitely fun to write.
Awww... that was just adorable! It was a completely creative idea and I adored Draco's crup. Nicely done, indeed!
Thank you so much!
The erumpents were stampeding has got to be one of my most favorite opening lines of a fic ever, hahaha. the entire fic is a really original take on a part of canon that doesn't often get explored in stories.

this entire fic is so much fun--from draco's calendars with harry's face on them, to harry's "insistence" on being served lunch, to draco the crup pining away for harry. and of course a happy ending, awww!

I owe it all to you! Thanks for all your help here.

It's all about the happy ending, I love 'em!
The naming of the passage of time was hilarious. I really liked that Draco tried to portray himself as being a mean bastard, but both Pansy and Harry saw something different. I loved all of the animals and so many of the small details you added. The crup revealing Draco's emotions was great.
The time passage commentary was some of the last stuff to go in, but it helped me pull it all together, I'm glad it worked for you. Thanks so much for your kind words!
I did find the card interesting. So was the story. It's been a long time I read the Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, and it seems I wasn't nearly as thorough as you were:P Draco's business was really creative. I liked that the malaclaw brought the bad luck. Lavender having such a pet fits so much! And I think from now on I wish to be in a new time zone, A.P.I. instead of GMT. Plus I need a Harry calendar:D And the last sentence was priceless.
Thanks so much for this, it was real fun to read!
Thank you! Fantastic Beasts was basically my bible during this whole process, it went with me everywhere.
The opening line is supposed to grab the reader, and this one certainly did! I was snickering all the way through. I was also amused that the crup was bonded with Draco and revealing his feelings. LOL!

Good job!
Thank you very much! If Draco's not going to reveal his own feelings, then someone has to.
OMG THIS IS THE WIN! <3 One of the best EWE stories ever. The whole tone of the story is just so brilliantly Dracoish! God, I'm in love with the blond all over again. And the brunet as well. Harry trying to capture Draco and Draco's cleverness of avoiding Harry over the years is just fantastic; it's so like them to do that.

Also, Draco+Perseus & Draco+HisElves = LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

What are you implying, Pansy? That I know him? That I have some kind of thing for him? I think I resent your meaning. --> damn it, I can't stop giggling over this line. And many others, too. I can't list them all; I'd be reposting the whole fic to show you which lines I liked. You sure have a way with words, Mystery Author. You are made of win.

I'm going to read it again and again. Thank you so much for this!
Wow, such nice things you say. Thank you very much for reading and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Draco is one of my most favorite characters to write; he makes it so easy.
Wow, I think you managed to work in almost every animal mentioned in "Fantastic Beasts"! *s impressed* That was a wonderful read, light-hearted and funny all the way through.
I was definitely going for light-hearted. Fantastic Beasts and I were best friends during the writing of this fic. Thank you!
That was so cute! I like the idea of Draco being a magizoologist a lot, even if the word is a mouthful. The crup was positively adorable too!
It's definitely a mouthful and I'm still not entirely sure I pronounce it correctly in my head, but no matter. Thank you so much!
Wonderful fic. So full of witty remarks and hilarious scenes. I L.O.V.E the crub. And Harry stubbornness. And Draco's capacity for self-deluding. And the myriad of lines that make me chuckle, but over all the one that have me wiping tears and laughing aloud: "There are two wizards, two nifflers and an augerey in the waiting room". Oh, please, someone with talent just make a joke out of it!
Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. Thank you so much for your kind words, it is much appreciated!
I quite enjoyed this story. Draco voice was so whiny and perfect. I loved that he and Harry were "against" each other in this, too. And that they finally saw the light as it were. Good job!
Thank you! You say the sweetest things.
I assumed that the, "B.P.I." and "A.P.I." were ideas that Draco played with, and there was just something hilariously melodramatic about it. Leave it to Draco, of course, to view Harry Potter's interference as significant as the birth of Christ. The subtle way in which one of the little headings suddenly inserts "or six months before ruination" was fun, as you suddenly think: oh, yes, something is supposed to HAPPEN soon, something having to do with Harry!

I liked that Pansy was still a Slytherin, still a girl, without being horribly obnoxious. I did feel that some of the plot developments were choppy, a little rushed, but it was overall connected enough.

Draco's repeated convictions that his World Is Over, only for it to be rebuilt in a new way, fit his character perfectly and I couldn't help but laugh :). I also rather liked the way that he could understand Harry, where he couldn't quite riddle himself out (even with the glaring physical embodiment of his emotions, in crup form, languishing before him...). The fact that it was his pride that caught him, too, was rather fitting.

In the end, what I really liked was how physically distraught the idea of confessing made Harry. The only other time we saw him flustered was over the issue of lobster-lunches, and that was over a financial/moral problem. The fact that telling Draco he fancies him makes him more nervous and visibly troubled than a moral issue of exploitation really made me laugh and appreciate how pathetically socially inept Harry can be. In a good way. In a cute way.

I must admit that I felt a bit of detachment between the ending and the rest of the story. The unicorn scene added some tenderness between them, and the crup helped to close the gap between Draco's outward indifference and his inner affections, but I do feel that Harry's character could have done with some more development. Of course, I do understand that it is difficult, with the fic being from an oblivious!Draco's perspective. I think that's why I liked how flustered Harry was at the end, as it gave him some depth.

I'd love to see a companion fic from Harry's point of view. I can only imagine the amount of cursing/drinking that Draco's annual avoidance of his traps must have caused. It would also be interesting to see how/when Harry's affection for Draco came into play :)
Well said! I felt the opposite as to what you said about the structure (too busy squealing at Draco's scallywag charm, perhaps) but I'm with you on this:

Draco's repeated convictions that his World Is Over, only for it to be rebuilt in a new way, fit his character perfectly and I couldn't help but laugh :).

Hee, precisely! I love Draco like this - so Serious, every feeling so full of conviction, but in a sort of dry way. :D

Also, you dissected Harry's flusteriness quite cleverly there. :) Hear, hear on the companion piece thing as well - I wouldn't mind a sequel, either.
That was fun! I read it with my copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and I think I want to become a magizoologist when I grow up :)
I got to play out that childhood fantasy of becoming a veterinarian through Draco, it was a lot of fun. Thank you so much!
This fic was fab! :D
Made me smile the entire way through.
I'm so glad you enjoyed, thank you so much!
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