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Potter's Interference -- Team EWE

Title: Potter's Interference
Team: Epilogue, What Epilogue?
Author: yodels
Prompt: The Magician
Wordcount: ~8500
Rating: PG
Warnings: foul language, does that need a warning?
Summary: In the years after the war, Draco Malfoy has built a successful business that skirts the edge of legality by becoming adept at figurative sleight-of-hand. Enter Harry Potter, moral upright citizen still chasing after Draco, still suspicious of his every move. When their lives intersect in an unexpected way, will Draco be able to smooth-talk his way out of trouble?
Disclaimer: These characters in no way belong to me. All credit goes to JKR, Warner Bros., Bloomsbury and countless others, I'm sure. It's all in good fun.
Author's Note: Thanks to my betas, who worked so hard. Readers: may you find The Magician as interesting as I did. The link above will tell you all you need to know.

Potter's Interference

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Tags: fic, pg, prompt: the magician, round i, team ewe

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