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Blind Leading the Blind -- Team Epilogue

Title: Blind Leading the Blind
Team: Epilogue
Author: nqdonne
Prompt: The Magician
Wordcount: 25,249
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: clubbing, drinking, frottage, toys, desk sex, accidental voyeurism
Summary: Harry catches wise to a series of blind items in the Daily Prophet's gossip pages that sound suspiciously like him. Except no one knows that he's gay, do they?
Author's Note: Interpretation used can be found here, see page 42-44. Thanks to my entire team for being wonderfully supportive, especially those of you who were always up for a group chat and editing session.

Blind Leading the Blind

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That was wonderful! Harry was so darling and fumbling, outing himself accidently all over the place. I loved how you made this difficult issue light-hearted and amusing, with a happy ending. And oh god, the porn was so...porny. Spot on, there. In a way, it was almost too easy, but with all the constant angst in post DH writing, this was a refreshing take, and I didn't mind at all. Good job!
Oh, my, but that was fun! So very much fun. Draco as the gossip columnist was great, and there were a few howling moments for me. This line did me in, I'll admit: Harry congratulated him, trying to ignore the giant, gay white elephant in the room. *giggles* I nearly died when Teddy caught him right ... then!

I also liked that Ginny was accepting ... and that you attributed blame for their marriage woes on both of them, not just one. And Albus and Scorpius? I adore those two, and Harry calling Scorpius mini-Draco was too cute! Watching mini-Harry and mini-Draco must have been surreal.

So ... I really enjoyed the story (great title, btw), and you did a great job for your team, making this epilogue-compliant (next gen is fun) and both Harry and Draco fit into the description of the Magician as you provided.
*fans self* SO HOT! *grins* I blushed quite a lot, I must admit. First fic in this worldcup event that is so smutty I had to literally take breaks in between to giggle and squirm and control my breathing! Never would have thought that the prompt could be written this way but you certainly made it work. And being Epilogue-compliant, too! Just awesome.

Love everything about the fic, basically. The title, for one, which is PERFECT. And the opening. The ending, too, especially. The Nosy Niffler is wonderful. All the characters; Harry, Draco, Teddy, Albus, Scorpius, James, Lily, Padma and even Ginny! (Oh, god, Teddy is such a gem. And is that an AS/S hint you were teasing us with at towards the end after the smut? *giggles*) The PVIs. FakeAuror!Hardwood. EVERYTHING.

Oh and, Beaux Batons? *dies* Why did no one ever thought of that before? *giggles again*
So much fun. The Niffler, the sex shop, the videos (OMG the names killed me) and Teddy helping Harry out. I loved it that Harry's crisis came near his 40th birthday. :)

I really did enjoy all of the characters, but Albus and Scorpius fooling James about the gnomes was brilliant.

The image of Draco and Astoria with a strap-on did me in. *died*

Fantastic! I love your Teddy. He's very mature in many aspects, but can be really hilarious (when he walks in on Harry) and downright funny. As for Harry, I suppose only he would have no background thoughts when asking "Is this seat taken?". He was SO spot on. I could list the things I liked in this fic endlessly, like the brilliant names you came up with (Whips and Giggles, Wizards and Wands). James calling the adults by their first names was funny, and the way he acted to impress the girl reminded me of his namesake.
The part where Harry ventured into the sexshop was ingenious... and he was again completely clueless. It was a real paradise (or playground) for him with the IPVs and other toys. And Draco choosing the Beaux Batons was so clever, he must have thought too much about Henri...
Thanks for showing Ginny in a positive light! Oh, and Albus and Scorpius were so nice together. Harry was a wonderful father in his own way (at least he tried).
And then the articles... I didn't expect them to be about Draco, that was a complete surprise. Perfect title, btw. The sex scenes were hot and smutty, both boys true to themselves.
Still I liked Harry's voice the most, his sloppiness, honest nature, and general kindness, his relationship with his own kids and Teddy and Scorpius.
And the last article was so great, I was really afraid you'll go for a H/G reconciliation. So happy end.
Wow. I really enjoyed the whole story.♥
utterly fantastic. i thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish, and the last blind item made me ridiculously happy. good for them to start a new life together :D. i adore all the names you came up with, from the nosy niffler, to whips and giggles and wizards and wands. also, the gareth+cardiff combo makes me think someone has been watching lots of torchwood ;)

also, this bit of dialogue cracked me up:

"You've watched them?" Harry asked, honestly quite agog. She was a girl.

"Of course. Why do you think I work here? Nothing like some good wizard-on-wizard." Charity winked at him. "Beaux Batons is quite good, as well. You should have got that one."

hahaha! oh, harry, you have lots to learn. also, nice shout-out to all us fangirls.

i'm such a sucker for al and scorpius being together, so i went "awww" over this line: Scorpius reached a hand over to Al, gently entwining their fingers, and Albus immediately relaxed, and i liked the repetition of that movement when draco takes harry's hand just a few lines later. the last conversation between harry and draco is utterly adorable, too, and just the right point to end on.
So, this was pretty darn fabulous.
Your characterizations of all the next-gen characters is great. I love James being all bookwormish...to get a girl. And Teddy. Oh god, Teddy.
There is so much hilarity here: the sex shop.... Beaux Batons.... Harry "fast-forwarding" through the cheap porn dialogue... so funny! (and so difficult to read at a leisurely pace on a public computer at school, headdesk)
I love the way you drew out the plot, that Draco was writing about himself, Harry's marriage mutually needing to come apart, the letters between Harry and Draco, the blind items... Oh, and I especially loved how Harry's letter to Draco ended with "I wouldn't mind fucking seeing you again." Freudian slip much?
In reading the tarot definition you linked again, I can see a lot of sly Magician influences in the fic. Well done indeed!
I loved it! And I had so much fun reading it! Giggled and clapped hands and awww'd. Teddy was a star of untimely appearances, wasn't he? The episode when he walked in on Harry made me say "OMG!" out loud and laugh like crazy. I also loved everything to do with sex here. That it's Draco's first time too, how awkward is he, how he snatched the porn from Harry. The sex was really hot, too. I loved the kids: James trying to impress that Ravenclaw girl, Lily adding up her age. Al and Scorpius were lovely. Gosh, I really, really enjoyed the story! Thank you very much!

There's one thing I'd love to know: why was Ginny so supportive? What's her agenda? Just curious.

And one tiny insignificant nitpick: "per say" is actually "per se", Latin, meaning "in and of itself".

I feel the urge to keep gushing :) I'll stop here and save some words for the upcoming rec. Aww, such a wonderful story!
This is, hands down, my favorite world-cup story of those I've read thus far. :) It was absolutely charming, flowed perfectly, and all the characters had me smiling and laughing from beginning to end. Harry was such a lovable goof, Draco still a bit slinky for all his adult mellow-ness, Ginny being so relieved... and the kids! Gah. Fawning!Scorpius and pseudo-intellectual!James (haha) were my favorites.

Best parts:
The gay, white elephant. :D :D :D
The CLUB SEX and desperate, horny wet-kiss necking. Guh. *fans*
Draco and the frustrating bottle of lube (and his groan into Harry's mouth).
Draco, in general. And adorable Harry, too.

Great, great job! ♥
I don't have it in me at the moment to leave an intelligent comment, but I will say that I really, really enjoyed this story and have recced it on my journal as the most fun story I've read so far in this fest.

And I also wanted to mention this line from The Climactic Sex Scene: "Oh, fuck, I can, I can feel you, I—ohmygod," Malfoy cried out
... see, I've read quite a lot of pornfic in my day, and I have never seen anyone write about that particular sensation AND have a character articulate it. And I was so glad to see it, finally, because ... well, this might be TMI, but isn't that that just the best sensation EVER?

Oh, and when Teddy walked in on Harry, I convulsively shut my eyes, clapped my hands over my face, and sat there making horrified squeaky noises for half a minute before I could continue reading. Poor Harry ...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story!
Very sweet & fun! Great story, and loved the twist of Draco writing about himself.
I loved this so much!

The "IPVs" - hilarious.
Harry outing himself to Ginny - hilarious!
Draco being the Nosy Niffler and writing about himself - you better believe that was hilarious!

But the sex? HOT!

Great all round.
This was really fun and enjoyable. Your description of Harry's innocent stumblings into the world of gay porn and sex toys was cute and compelling. I loved that Draco wasn't writing about Harry at all and that pretty much as soon as Harry sees Draco his abstract gay fantasies turn to detailed and specific Draco fantasies.
GUUUHHHH!!!!! I loved this story ever since I read it! The awkwardness, Harry's adorable dorkiness, Draco's dry wit, Albus and Scorpius and James and Lily and Teddy...Fantastic characterizations!

I loved the sex shop (wouldn't mind shopping myself) and I loved how Draco and Harry came to their sexual realizations so close to each other. I loved the horrendously funny sex scenes in the pensieve porn. So many details! I know I'm going to miss saying something!

The situations definitely had me cringing in embarrassment for Harry from time to time (okay, most of the time) but the ending was such a wonderful climax! And the smut throughout is just so hot! I loved the scene in the library and at the very end, Al and Scorpius's interaction is so darling.

And the last blind item...am still smiling over it. XD Wonderful wonderful story!!!
Great story! Funny and sexy. Ginny and Charity seemed to be stand ins for us readers. Poor Harry doesn't know what to make of women who are fascinated with gay men. LOL!

I loved how Harry kept outing himself accidentally. Poor boy never was good at Occlumency.

Loved it!
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