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Smile, You're on Camera - Team EWE

Title: Smile, You’re on Camera
Team: Team EWE
Author: bewarethesmirk
Prompt: The Devil
Wordcount: ~14,000
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: A bit of Harry/Ginny but nothing serious or explicit.
Summary: Harry Potter has lost sight of what it means to listen to himself—he’s depressed and confused, moving through life only to please the Ministry and the press and his friends. One day he wakes up on a train next to Draco Malfoy and that all changes.
Author's Note Thank you so much to Team Sheep and all who betaed. Thanks to other people who helped when they didn’t even have a stake on this team.

Smile, You're on Camera

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Tags: fic, nc-17, prompt: the devil, round i, team ewe

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