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An Interpretation on Justice (the Aurors and Assassins Mix) - Team Epilogue

Title: An Interpretation on Justice (the Aurors and Assassins Mix)
Team: Epilogue
Author: noticeably
Prompt: Justice
Wordcount: 16,000
Rating: R
Warnings: Angst, character death, infidelity.
Summary: The little-known truth about floor sixteen and the department that inhabits it is this: the ten witches and wizards that sit in the front, while attending to things like paperwork and other trivial matters, are only a front to appease the few easily confused, lost individuals that happen to wander into the department unannounced, most usually when looking for another floor.
Author's Note Information on Justice (and the reversal) can be found here and here. Many thanks to my teammates for all of their help and encouragement! ♥

An Interpretation on Justice (the Aurors and Assassins Mix)

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An Interpretation on Justice

I must admit that the first paragraph had me stumbling through the Ravenclaw and Slytherin labels, but after that, your story was pure fun. I enjoyed many of the details, so this is just a list of highlights:

Draco's morals about not killing animals. The first of the killing jobs, and the Harry gets to investigate just that murder! The concept of the Aurors and Assassins was very interesting; I would have liked to see it described in more details to get a tighter relation to the prompt.

The children at King's Cross were captured so true, I felt very bad for Al. The Malfoys seemed to be such a wonderful, loving family. While it seemed that Ginny had something going with Oliver and Harry was fooling around with Teddy. Suspicions which were confirmed later.

I really liked the friendship between Albus and Scorpius. And the combination of Harry's temper and Slytherin ruthlessness really made for a great dramatic!Albus.

I also liked that you did leave it with a friendship. This story read like genfic to me, even with Harry's drunken attempts at going gay with Malfoy. Especially after the portrait of Draco's relationship with Astoria I wouldn't have believed a plot that suddenly turned towards hot steaming H/D sex.

Thank you for sharing!
I have to admit I got lost a few times and had to go back and read previous paragraphs.

Draco's star was bright in this story and I enjoyed his character a lot. I loved his explanations of his moral code, but was unsure how it aligned with his marriage and then his come on line to Harry.

Harry I was a bit lost in that I didn't understand his and Teddy's relationship or what his problems were.

The List was really interesting. I would've really enjoyed knowing how and why someone got on the list.

Just a side note, I couldn't buy Pansy being a Professor.
I really loved this. Out of everything I've read in this community so far, this is one of my favorites. It's not just about Harry and Draco, although their intereaction was spectacularly handled, but it was also about the kids, about Teddy, about the justice, which was also beautifully incorporated.

I love the concept of the assassins and the List, and your Draco makes a lot of sense to me. There isn't anything about him that unsettles me; he seems like a person that I want to know. So thank you for that.

Teddy and Harry's relationship is also really interesting, since I've never thought about them together romantically, but it wasn't as offsetting as I would have thought it would be.

Overall lovely story. Thanks for sharing. :)
Brava! You hit so many of my "kinks" (so to speak!) -- I love twisted morality, with a hint of dark humor, plus some brewing Albus Severus/Scorpius? Brilliant! Draco being a hit wizard with the "List," his own sense of "morality" with not killing pets, etc. was delightful - reminiscent of Dexter, one of my favorite shows. I especially loved the boys, however, and would love to see them get together :D The H/D was subtle, but there, and I can't help but presume that in the "epilogue" to the story, they'll boil over with lust and shag each other rotten!
I loved, loved, LOVED this story! The complex nuances of morality, the contrast between Harry and Draco - the kids, OMG the kids are soooo perfect here - the secret department, the way that Harry's just fucked up his life and Draco's there and is going to be waiting for him (Oh, that ending makes me melt, every time I read it, it's just so perfect.) ... it's such a great, original way to get our two boys together, and it works SO well here. Dark and edgy and beautifully post-war, beautifully epilogue-compliant, this one just makes me completely incoherent and flaily and squeeful. I love the plot and the characterization and the way that you've written this ... I don't think I can tell you often or emphatically enough just how much I love this story. Brava!
Let me start by saying that this was a really good story. Yet, I struggled with the rating system because the one thing that I had trouble with was that I didn't feel like this was a Harry/Draco story. On the one hand, no single person lives in a void. And you had to acknowledge the epilogue. But there was so much in this story that was about everyone else's relationship but Harry and Draco's. Which might have worked if I got a sense that their relationship was categorized by actively estranging themselves. Instead I felt like their backstory got in the way of their story. We only got to see them tentatively build up to maybe friends. It seemed like a prequel.

I realize that might have been my own interpretation. Maybe I'm just being bitter about wanting more and not getting it. Because the thing is, I loved the story. I loved getting that backstory. I love that you acknowledged the epilogue by incorporating all of the people within it as major parts to the overall story. Realistically, I would find Harry a remiss father if his children weren't at the forefront of his mind. If they weren't an integral part of his life. I just didn't care as much about Albus' suspicions as I did about how Harry was going to actually have a relationship with Draco. It seemed as thought the rich detail dedicated to others overwhelmed the main people.

That quibble aside, as I said, I did like what those details were. Does that make sense? Teddy was so tragically young, which made him telling Albus to stop being such a kid so ironic. I assumed that the love letters to Harry were hidden in a book because he had never gotten the courage to actually tell Harry? His characterization was spot-on and consistent through-out.

Another detail that I particularly appreciated was the fact that Draco's wizarding oath only held him until the assassination had been complete. Then, as he said, they could talk about it all they wanted. As if they would want to. And it was subtle, but I think Draco was really showing faith in Harry's own morality by entrusting that 'confession' with him. He knew that Harry's dedication to justice wasn't confused with revenge. That Harry could seperate (with some direction) the difference between someone who killed for pleasure or power and someone who killed to correct an imbalance. Who got to choose what the balance got to be would have been an interesting dynamic to explore but is understandably left out. Its nice to see that its just as mysterious for the characters as it is for us!
It's pretty late so I'm just gonna say this was my favorite for the round and I wrote about it here

Thanks for a good read :)
Well, it was most definitely a post-Epilogue fic, and used the prompt well - but it wasn't strong on the H/D; it barely qualifies as pre-slash.

Interesting that Harry was cheating on Ginny with TEDDY - I've seen HP/TL fics before, but never ones where Harry was also involved with Ginny.

BTW, you should probably also warn for cross-gen; some people (myself included) are squicked by it.

Lastly, there were several SPaG errors (at least 3).
I love Draco's moral system and that he insists that he is an assassin not a hit man. Draco is likely to do something like that. Also I thought that story was a fun read. I spent much of the time that I was reading it laughing. Though I do have a pretty twisted sense of humour.
This story was great - really involved and complex, in a good way. I enjoyed the parallel dynamics of Al and Scorpius and Harry and Draco. Draco's repeated, and repeatedly disregarded, insistence that he was an Assassin not a hit man was classic. I enjoyed the slow untangling of the knot of what was going on. I was impressed at how you managed to keep your touch pretty light with a story-line that could have just been all dark and angsty.

I'll admit that when it came to the slash angle it felt more like AS/S than H/D - but I enjoyed the story so much it totally didn't bother me. Part of why I like to read H/D is because I love those characters and the contrast between the personalities and values of Harry and Draco and there was certainly plenty of that! I thought your characterisation was very strong across the board and gave the story it's heart. Thanks for sharing this :)
What I enjoyed about this story, is that it showed us the juxtaposition of Harry's and Draco's moral codes; however, I think that the characters were too emotionally detached and out of character. This story didn't make me care for them at all; and I read it to the end solely to see the conclusion of the plot line. You've got plot, you can create an air of mystery and excitement, what you need is more feeling and depth to the characters.
I think the summary is really well chosen, the reader wants to know what is hidden on floor sixteen. Hitman!Draco is definitely a first for me. You know what amazed me? At the end Draco and Harry seemed morally equal. Yes, Draco kills people and is not sorry. Harry, on the other hand shags his godson, and is not sorry for Ginny&Oliver being dead.
I liked Scorpius the most. He was supportive of his friend, and had not quite much in common with Draco. Asteria turned out well, too. - Not a harpy or an ice queen.
Albus was interesting. Sometimes he seemed a bit too much, a bit too young for his age.
And I still want to know who's making the List.
I liked it, especially the plot and the main idea.
It's assassin!Draco...

lol. Sorry I couldn't help myself


I'm ambivalent about this story.

If I may be completely honest, I was very disappointed by the fact that it seems to have more Albus and Scorpius than Harry and Draco. I know it's an Epilogue-compliant fic, but I was expecting a stronger relationship between Harry and Draco. And I am quite annoyed with Teddy here. Perhaps it was Harry who approached him first... but... err, yeah, I held no sympathy for him whatsoever. I held no sympathy for Harry either, seeing that he comes across as more of a complete and utter git even in his state of vulnerability.

That said, the story is very interesting. I love fics with a whole lot of mysteries where Harry and Draco work for the Ministry in whatever capacity (not just as Aurors, mind you). And Draco as an Assassin? Brilliant. (His morals are somewhat admirable, too. :D) Ginny having an extramarital affair is pretty common in post-Epilogue fic but to have her killed because of her relationship with Oliver Wood... now that makes it fresh! You got me sitting on edge throughout the whole fic because I so wanted to know who put Ginny on that list (but, alas, no answer was provided). It was definitely a sure way to keep me interested until the end.

Sorry if any of the above offends you. But, thank you for the story anyway. :)

Edited at 2008-04-07 12:46 pm (UTC)
That was interesting and gripping. I can't say everything made sense to me and too much was left unexplained, again, as for me, but I enjoyed reading it. Thank you!
Really liked this story! But I really want to know who put Ginny on the List and why. I loved your Albus and Scorpius. They were so great!

All in all, I really enjoyed the whole story!
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