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The inaugural round of the hd_worldcup will soon be upon us. In the vein of snarry_games , the hd_worldcup will provide a place for Harry/Draco authors and artists to go "mano a mano" against each other. You vote, you decide. The only catch is… it's anonymous. You won't know who wrote or drew what until after the voting.

Important dates:

Applications: January 2nd, 2008 through January 10th, 2008.

Response and team assignments sent by: January 19th, 2008.

Due Date: March 15th, 2008

First Posting: April 1st, 2008


Why post anonymous?

We, the mods, have made the decision to post anonymous because we've heard the concerns about the various games along these lines. We'd like to give everyone an equal footing and the removal of names is one step in this process. Whether you're a well-known author/artist with a giant following or a newcomer to the fandom and ship, every participant starts at the same anonymous position.

If it's anonymous, how do I pimp my work?

Feel free to pimp your team, but please make every effort to keep your entries annonymous until the voting is complete. We'll let you know when the veil is lifted and invite you to pimp your works far and wide.

You can also pimp the hd_worldcup by using any of these banners.

What are the details of the teams?

There are going to be four teams.

Team Fanon: Fanon characterisations are wide and varied so whether you like your Draco as the Sex God of Slytherin courting the befuddled Harry or you like Harry as the Sex God, it's up to you. Team fanon embraces our favourite fanon tropes and we love them for it.

Team Canon: No sex gods here. Instead, we have the characters as they're written in the books, warts and all.

Team EWE: Epilogue? What epilogue? We don't need 19 years later, thank you very much. On team EWE, you can go for fanon or canon characterisations. DH compliance is required but this team ignores the Epilogue.

Team DH: The motto here is "Keep the Epilogue, we can write around it". Fanon or Canon characterisations that keep the Epilogue in mind.

How many spots are there?

For Authors: There are 72 author spots for the permanent positions with 4 back ups per team. A total of 88 people can participate.

For Artists: At this time, there are 20 artist spots for the permanent positions with 1 artist back up spot for each team. Depending on interest, we will add more positions.

There will be one captain per team. This captain will assist in team communication and adherence to deadlines. The team captain position will be voted on by the members of the team.

Is this only open to BNFs?

Heck no! We're welcome everyone that wants to apply. That's one of the reasons that we're going to be posting all works anonymously.

If more people apply than there are spots, how are you planning on choosing who gets on what team?

A lottery system will be used and names will be pulled until we fill the spots. Basically, it's the luck of the draw.

How are you planning on complying with LJ rules?

Unfortunately, as LJ is a bunch of twatwaffles (as we all know) about anything that might possibly contain teenagers doing what teenagers do, we're going to ask that all works (art, especially), be written/drawn so that there won't be any question that the characters are over the age of 18.

Please see the update at here

We have moved to IJ and, thus, all ages and such are allowed.

How long do the stories have to be?

All stories must be at least 1500 words long. Artists, please note that your works should have an equivalent amount of time put into them.

How is voting going to work?

We're borrowing the voting system (with permission!) from snarry_games . Each work for each prompt will be posted against one another. Please note that all watchers are allowed to vote. However, we regret to say that participants are not allowed to vote.

There will be a poll at the bottom of each post and will have three questions:

Is the author/artist true to their team? Yes/No vote ("yes" is worth 2 points, "no" is worth 0)

How well did the author/artist use their Prompt? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)

How much did you like this story/art overall? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)

What are the prompts?

The prompts for this round are based off of the Tarot.

Author prompts:

The Fool
The Magician
The Empress
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Hermit
Wheel of Fortune
The Hanged Man
The Devil
The Tower
The Moon
The World

Artist prompts:

The Most Important H/D Moment from the Books

How do I apply?

The application post will go up on January 2nd and will remain up until January 10th. To get the ball rolling, the moderators will be sending out invitations to a wide variety of authors and artists identified from such sources as sulky_rhino 's Harry/Draco Portal, elethoniel 's Massive List of H/D Fics, gossymer 's H/D The OTP Experience.

I don't write or draw. Is there some way that I can still participate?

The best way that you can participate in the hd_worldcup is through commenting. In fact, the mods have decided to reward the commenters by picking one shining comment (based on quality of commentary) a week and awarding 9 points to the commenter's choice of team in addition to being recognized with a custom banner.

I don't have an IJ. Is there some way that I can still participate?

No IJ is needed to participate, either as a watcher or as a participant. Posting will be on IJ but the applications, team communities and modly announcements will be on LJ. To watch the hd_worldcup without an IJ, add the RSS Feed to your LJ flist.

In addition (and many many thanks to snowpuppies for pointing it out :D), you can use Open ID to comment on entries!

Please note that we will be screening all anonymous comments.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about games, please feel free to contact the moderators by email: hdworldcup @ gmail.com
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