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Art: The Well of Memory (Team Canon)

Title: The Well of Memory
Team: Canon
Artist: sherant
Prompt: Cups
Rating: G
Warnings: Image Heavy
Summary: The suit of Cups corresponds to the Water element and the color Blue. It holds the deepness, the well of memory, the record of our existence. I find they also suit Harry and Draco's canon relationship quite well. Please enjoy!

The Well of Memory

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Your style lends itself so well to the way you've laid out the story. The lack of hard edges reinforces the dreamy quality of the Harry's memories, and from that first 'panel' with the water ripples radiating outwards I love the way that ellipses recur to tie the whole piece together. There is such a sense of melancholy, so well reflected in the palette of blues you've employed, and the contrast between its depth and the amazing excitement and emotion of the RoR flight is perfectly balanced.


I've no words. Nothing I can say could make this justice. I have no doubts who you are, anonymous artist, and if before I've loved and cherished your work, now there is no limit for my adoration.

The Well of Memory

Beautiful and bittersweet.
The first image captures their canon characteristics perfectly, especially Draco. They are all amazing, but the last image truly breaks my heart. It's too early in the morning to be crying. I love your interpretation of the suit, and agree that it fits their relationship very well.
Oh my! This is so stunning, I can't stop looking at it. God, that last image of Harry is so beautiful it's making my eyes sting. *sniff*
Just beautiful...
So beautiful! I love how you drew their hands nearly touching each other and their faces on the broom...just beautiful. And the last one...Harry's expression...really sad.
it's beautiful and beautifully done.
I loved how you used water and colors, and how it turned to be Harry's pensieve memories. The family photos say it all.
Wow. The last one with Harry was truly amazing. The additional pictures next to the bowl were lovely as well. This is a wonderful and true depiction of Harry's relationship with Draco in canon. It's perfect.
Holy Smokes! This completely blew me away!! So very perfect in so many ways ♥
I loved it. Loved the composition, their facial expressions, the details you picked for representing various scenes. Wonderful!
Oh, oh, this is amazing. Just eye boggling. I LOVED the haughtiness of Draco in that first scene--and the scene where they ride the broomstick together was perfect. The way you didn't show Harry's eyes but just the curve of his smile, and Draco's pretty face as he clings on...and yet they're still nice clean masculine lines, simple and straightforward. I love that. And the final scene--you made Harry's wedding ring feel like a bind, constricting and prohibiting, somehow. That really struck me--I'm not sure if it was the progression of scenes before, or what, but it just leaped out in this incredible way. And I loved how you showed the edge of the pensieve too, with the runes...beautiful work. Absolutely unforgettable.
I absolutely loved this! You captured scenes from canon so well. I think my favorite panel would be the close-up of Draco's face on the broom with Harry. And the last panel... so heartbreaking! The family pictures and his ring really bring together that immense sadness. Not fair to be wibbling this early in the morning!
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