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What Could Have Been (And What Was) - Team Fanon

Title: What Could Have Been (And What Was)
Team: Fanon
Author: amanuensis1
Prompt: Judgment
Wordcount: Just under 7,000 (MS Word says 6826 without the headers)
Rating: R
Warnings: Infidelity
Summary: Neither epilogue-compliant nor EWE; seven separate demonstrations that you can't stop the signal.
Author’s Note: The prompt for this story was the tarot card Judgment, whose meanings include rebirth, resurrection, changes and improvements, decisions that change the pattern of life for the better.

What Could Have Been (And What Was)

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This is so absolutely gorgeous. That last section really made my heart sing! I love how you've added those little bits in between each section while you're telling us the story, that indicate that it's not quite right yet. I think you've really covered the prompt well.
Well this has a something for everyone. Malfoy's mouth and smile running as a thread throughout I thought was dead clever. This is extremely well done. Thanks so much

I love what you've done with this. Draco and Harry could get together at any time of their lives; what is inevitable is that they will. Beautifully told.
Oh GOD. That was so beautiful, so amazing in every way. Tears are running down my face. *weeps*

Beautiful writing, wonderful, spot on characterisation-- you made both of them come to life so fully for me, made me love them so much.

I loved the backwards structure. Loved the way you told the same story seven different ways whilst weaving the whole thing together with small threads.

Beautiful. Wonderful. Thank you so much. XXXXXX
And Harry's telling himself this right up to the day they leave their lunch table at the London Muggle hotel they've dined at three times before and this time go upstairs to one of its rooms and spend three hours fucking each other into the mattress, consummating Harry's fascination with Draco Malfoy's mouth and pretty much every other part of him, and both of them go from being "Draco" and "Harry" back to "Malfoy" and "Potter" for every minute of it because there's nothing polite and nothing of new-found friendship in it—
Ok, I just love this whole delicious run on sentence and it's blunt hotness and.... oh, deliciousness. Just love.

I like the details carrying over between the vignettes, like Draco's charity work. And the hotel-fucking :-D. And... the hotel-fucking.

I really like the going back in time so they get together earlier and earlier and earlier!

(I am totally down for the Ginny/Neville, I think it makes plenty of sense!)

And the last one is just Perfect :)
This was so much fun to read, but at the same time had so many insightful things to say both about the relationship between Harry and Draco and the relationship between fandom and canon. I agree ENTIRELY that they would revert to surnames at that point, because you need a few defences when your pants are down. Lovely work!
you need a few defences when your pants are down


*falls over*
This is fanon. And this is gorgeous.

I loved the inevitability of the whole process. I'd say I prefer the Teddy version but all were great. A very satisfying read. Thank You.
ohmygod. that fic was so fantastic I don't even know what to say. the way it was written was absolutely beautiful and how you kept taking the story further and further back and having all of them being connected by Harry's fascination with Draco's mouth was just brilliant. I loved the scene of Draco showing up at Harry's house in his bathrobe and Teddy's hair changing colours and aksjdfh just everything. ♥
Beautifully written! Bravo.
this is absolutely incredible. i adore stories like these, and yours was just gorgeous and fantastic. i especially liked the one about harry raising teddy. i like that they all had similar threads running through them - draco with the war orphans, for instance. brilliant. &hearts
Absolutely wonderful. The way you weave the same elements through each scenario is sheer brilliance, and certain aspects (Teddy, Neville/Ginny, etc.) make me shiver with happiness.

Such a perfect interpretation of the Judgment card, too, the way it highlights Harry's decisions and how much a single difference can change/improve his life. Because let's face it- divorce sucks, and Harry needed to see what it was he really wanted before he brought kids into the equation ^^
GOD, that's absolutely gorgeous. I love the backward telling of the story. So very much! Just... gorgeous. Can't think of another word for it at the moment.
I love how your varying scenarios fit the prompt, each one presumably making improvements upon the last. And the recurring theme of Draco's mouth ties them all together so well. This was such a fun read - even though you had the angst built in, you corrected the pain by saying it 'wasn't quite right'. I definitely wanted to kick Ginny in the second one. Grrr.

Very good job; I enjoyed it very much.
I really love this Harry, and the way you have used the prompt, and the inclusion of what really happened, because that is still beautiful. :)
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