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Team AU Soundtrack

This is a special gift to you from TEAM AU.

The team has gathered together a collection of songs and music that inspired them during the writing/drawing of their entries. Some clearly reflect the entry, while others came to have a special meaning for the author/artist during the creative process.

All are WMA files of varying lengths. They are uploaded to box.net where you can choose to either download them or stream the songs. You can find a .zip of all the songs at the end.

Individual songs

akiko88 chose Alegria by Cirque du Soleil to represent her story, Comfort After Pain.

the_gubette chose Closing Time by Semisonic to represent her story, Alpha and Omega.

dacro chose Drunk With the Thought of You by Sheryl Crow to represent her story, Interpreting Draconis.

el_princess chose For My Lover by Tracey Chapman to represent her story, Crown of Thorns.

incognito chose Gamble Everything For Love by Ben Lee to represent her story, Gamble Everything For Love.

chyldofeternity chose I Have Loved You by Jessica Simpson to represent his story, Six Years.

the_gubette chose I Love You Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel to represent her story, Non Faux Pas.

leo_draconis chose Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne to represent her story, Faith In Miracles.

reira_21 chose La Profondità Del Buio by Ludovico Einaudi to represent her art, The First Day of Spring.

joanwilder chose La valse d'Amélie by Yann Tiersen to represent her story, Harry's Pockets.

joanwilder chose L'air de la misère by Rose Laurens to represent her story, Montague and Capulet.

kirinin chose Now Is Mine by K's Choice to represent her story, primum mobile, or ten forgotten things.

stellamoon chose On Fire by Switchfoot to represent her art, Secret Heritage.

scarlet_malfoy chose Permanent by David Cook to represent her story, Without Sound of Bells.

dracofiend chose Salva Me by Libera to represent her story, Enchantment; Loss.

pennswoods chose Shake by SMAP to represent her art, When in Doubt.

maja_li chose String Quartet No. 3 in D Major: Presto Con Brio by Mendelssohn to represent her story, In Summer Grass.

dylansbuzz chose The Pink Panther Theme by Henry Mancini to represent her story, The Magical Mystery Tour.

nonconcurrence chose The Wrote and the Writ by Johnny Flynn to represent her art, Paperweight.

sugareey chose Time Is Running Out by Muse to represent her art, Paths We Take.

camenaluscinia chose Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine to represent her art, Draco Malfoy in 'Drunk as a House Elf. ***

cyane_snape chose Let It Be to represent her story, Veiled Threats. ***

***Because these files are .mp4s, box.net will not stream them. As such, they are only available for download.

Zip File

Here is the entire TEAM AU Soundtrack in a zip file (86.8mb). TEAM AU SOUNDTRACK Please RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS. Thanks to joanwilder for hosting this.

We want to thank the Mods, watchers, and every participant in the World Cup for making this an experience to remember!
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