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Team Epilogue: 22. I think I saw a Pensieve like this once...

Title: History
Team: Epilogue
Author: emerald_dragon8
Prompt: 22. I think I saw a Pensieve like this once...
Wordcount: 17 000
Rating: R
Warnings: Infidelity, some swearing, a slightly porny scene, bad grammar in Harry's text messages (hopefully good grammar elsewhere!)
Summary: "Take from the altars of the past the fire, not the ashes" – Jean Jaures. When a case that has been closed for ten years is revisited, Albus and Scorpius must uncover the secrets of their fathers.
Author's Note: My never ending thanks go to my amazing betas, whimseywisp and curia_regis. Thanks also to my flist, who had to see my many posts panicking about this fic, my dog for being cute and helping the writing process and Caitlin, who had to hear about it even though she had no idea what I was on about. And Team Epilogue, who are an amazing and supportive group of people!


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Tags: fic, prompt: 22. i saw a pensieve like this, r, round ii, team epilogue

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