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Team AU: 22. I think I saw a Pensieve like this once...

Title: Without Sound of Bells
Team: AU
Author: scarlet_malfoy
Prompt: 22. I think I saw a Pensieve like this once...
Wordcount: 20,000
Rating: R
Warnings: Angst, hurt/comfort, frottage, mutual wanking, time travel, language, spoiler warning: major character death
Summary: What would the world be like if Harry and Draco had been friends since the beginning?
Author's Note:
1. Title from the poem "At Melville's Tomb" by Hart Crane.
2. Direct dialogue borrowed from pages 77-79 of the American version of Philosopher's Stone, written by JKR, not me!
3. Harry and Draco were born a year earlier (June 23rd and July 31st, 1979) and because their birthdays occurred so late in the school year, Dumbledore and the Malfoys had the option of waiting a year before sending them to school. Both took that option.
4. Thank you to dark_branwen, lap_otter, maja_li, and the_gubette for the time they spent beta'ing and deliberating with me - it made all the difference in the world! And thanks to my AU teammates and my AMAZING captains, joanwilder and the_gubette, and to all the wonderful fest Mods!

Without Sound of Bells

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Tags: fic, prompt: 22. i saw a pensieve like this, r, round ii, team au

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