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Love in a London Tube Stop (Under Construction) - Team Epilogue

Title: Love in a London Tube Stop (Under Construction)
Team: Team Epilogue
Author: klynie1
Prompt: The Chariot
Wordcount: About 18,400
Rating: NC-17-lite
Warnings: Infidelity (but in an open marriage, which should probably be another warning, I suppose), Open marriage (see?), Cheating (for readers who are hopelessly honest), A Very Tiny Bit of girl-kissing-girl action
Summary: A Romance, In Diverse Parts, Involving Champions, Cheating and Chariots in Various and Sundry Combinations.
Author's Note: A literal translation of my card, as a tribute to the Chariot many ride: the London Underground. Hugs and love to Team Epilogue. Any mistakes you notice are my own.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and all associated characters from the Harry Potter universe are the property of J.K. Rowling and those to whom she has licensed her creations, including without limitation Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No copyright infringement is intended. The author is making no profit from this story.

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I had a lot of fun with this story. I really enjoyed it. I loved the Harry/Draco with a bit of Albus/Scorpius thrown in. *g*
I enjoyed this story very, veru much. Especially Harry and the little theme of cheating spread throughout. One itty bitty thing: after the date, the story felt a little rushed to me, until the last couple of scenes, where it caught up with itself. I'm not sure how to describe it...but the rest more than makes up for it! :)
This was a really fun story to read. I could just see Draco changing all this rules for Harry and his perspective. I imagine it was much how when he first met Harry. He was no longer the spoiled child who got everything he wanted because he could not get Harry to be his friend. But, of course, this was slightly different.

I liked that you included the Triwizard Tournament and that both Scorpius and Albus were contestant and the Albus/Scorpius was a really nice plus.
I loved this beginning to end. First, you had me laughing throughout, starting with this:

Malfoy whirled again and faced Harry. His grey eyes sparked, his sneer identical to the one he'd worn when they were young. "You stay out of it! This is all your fault, you know!"

Harry felt like hexing him. "You're deluded! I don't even know your son!"

"Always heroing around, as if it's a socially acceptable profession."

"I don't think 'heroing' is a word."

And continuing on with these goodies:

Malfoy sighed. "Astoria kept the Paris flat and changed her name to Asteria for some obscure reason."
Malfoy sighed heavily. "Pointing fingers, now. How you ever defeat evil wizards is beyond me. Do you overwhelm them with your brute strength or do you just argue them to death?"
"He was quite attractive, as well," Scorpius said with a sly smirk at his father. "All dark hair and green eyes, if I remember. Had quite a nice arse, too, for an older man."

There were more, but those were some of the more notable ones. And the Albus/Scorpius friendship/love/partnership was wonderful. I love that they're so uninterested in winning the competition, and that they use the opportunity to study Goblin magic and security. *g*

And Ginny ... thoughtless, selfish, spiteful, cruel, and what an uncaring mother! No, Harry, you should not feel guilty. The fact that Draco's 'cheating' logic works for Harry is ... convenient. ;)

Great job ... a thoroughly entertaining read.
What a nice story to read on my lazy Sunday Morning. I truly enjoyed every bit of it specially the fact that Al and Scopius are very smart, I would say they Harry and Draco proud.
Thanks for sharing!
I loved your story. I liked how obsessed Draco was with winning the cup and about his rules, but of course for Harry, he has to change his rules:)
How fun! This was wonderfully clever. I liked your creativity with the Triwizard tasks. It was funny as hell too. I snickered at several passages, but I got the biggest kick out of Draco -- what a drama queen. :-D
This was a fun read. I enjoyed it.
your characterisation is just so spot-on! i love the way harry and draco interact, and the banter and descriptions were just so clever and witty. i especially liked how much thought you put into the tournament, and the tidbits of wizard/muggle lore you put into the story - felt very terry pratchett/neil gaiman/alan moore-esque to me [and that's a huge compliment given they're 3 of my fave authors ;)]

i've never read both an al and scorp that were this devious and cunning, so that was thoroughly enjoyable as well. i personally don't like as/s in d/h fics because it just seems too implausible to me [and slightly squicky] but nevertheless, i enjoyed your fic immensely.
I totally love how the Durmstrang Headmistress's name is A. Capella. Ha!

(I'm sure I'll love other things, too, but I haven't read any further than that.)
Your story delivered punchline after punchline - it made me grin so much, my cheeks and lips refuse to return to its normal state. It was eccentric and ridiculous (with lots of cracky names and witty banters and one-liners), without being *too* over the top (it is over the top, but in a hysterically good way). I adore Harry's characterisation, and I thought that your take on Al and Scorpius was very refreshing and funny. AND I LOVED your Draco. He completely outshined everyone else, IMHO. Or at least, his lines did. XD
Ohh, that was so good! Though, Draco's character was quite annoying. Really, I couldn't figure out if he was actually serious about his antics and pestering Harry about keeping an eye on Scorpius. It ws very comical.

Sort of creepy -- father/father, son/son, especially if both couples get married. That will raise some eyebrows.



Locked In

This was so much fun to read and it was well written, paced and plotted. I do not usually enjoy reading the whole world is made up of gay magical people, because I think it is used as a cop out most of the time, but you kept H/D center stage and that was good.

Thanks for sharing this fic with me
I do not have a LJ, I found my way here through Painless' Recs
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