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Love in a London Tube Stop (Under Construction) - Team Epilogue

Title: Love in a London Tube Stop (Under Construction)
Team: Team Epilogue
Author: klynie1
Prompt: The Chariot
Wordcount: About 18,400
Rating: NC-17-lite
Warnings: Infidelity (but in an open marriage, which should probably be another warning, I suppose), Open marriage (see?), Cheating (for readers who are hopelessly honest), A Very Tiny Bit of girl-kissing-girl action
Summary: A Romance, In Diverse Parts, Involving Champions, Cheating and Chariots in Various and Sundry Combinations.
Author's Note: A literal translation of my card, as a tribute to the Chariot many ride: the London Underground. Hugs and love to Team Epilogue. Any mistakes you notice are my own.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and all associated characters from the Harry Potter universe are the property of J.K. Rowling and those to whom she has licensed her creations, including without limitation Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No copyright infringement is intended. The author is making no profit from this story.

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this was such an enjoyable read! it was like reading a book and revelling in the excitement of turning the page to get to the next part...i couldn't WAIT to scroll the mouse! :D draco's snark was fantastic! a delicious smart ass...just the way i like him. and i loved that harry was smart and confident, with just a hint of obliviousness. you didn't make him a bumbling lost puppy, which i thank you tremendously for. the "hypothetical" conversation was hilariously hot, and the tea etiquette was hysterical!

i loved this one! (man...team epilogue is on a roll...) i see it becoming an instant classic! :D
Wonderful! It was clever and well written and had a multi-level plot.

I liked how you poked at the Astoria/Asteria issue. But the bit that killed me was the Chariots of Fire reference. Good thing I wasn't drinking anything. I got the whole video hit. Vangelis!
i quite liked this, it made a terrible evening (at work) more enjoyable. thanks. :)
Haha. Auriga the Charioteer. Clever allusion!

This was fresh and fun, and the banter between our boys was quite fabulous. Cat buglers and hypothetical affairs, indeed. And Albus's sneaky slytherin ways FTW!
That was interesting and fun. I can't say your humour worked for me (too cracky for my tastes, and based on it, I think I know who you are :D) but I liked the plot and best of all, I liked the H/D miscommunication. It isn't as if they misunderstand each other, it's as though they speak completely different languages, which, I suppose, they do. IMO you reflected it really well :)
Oh, this one was a proper pageturner :) It should come with a popcorn! The pace kept up all the way through and I enjoyed the crack-y edge - dialog was tons of fun. I loved the serious undertone too - you took a rather novel stand to their relationship and I must say it really worked for me.

"It's not cheating if the rules change and everyone agrees to them."
Loved this whole angle with rules, from Draco's first set of them till the end. Lovely :)

Thank you for a very enjoyable read!
Wouldn't change a thing. It's perfect! Thanks!
I liked it. Draco with his sex rules...really funny...and Harry said no to him...great. I really love the last scene!

Really enjoyed it!

Love in a London Tube Stop

Funny and cute! I really enjoyed all the banter and clever lines.
Thank you for perceptive little Al, wise young Scorpius, and a mature Harry who is still so 'Harry'. Even the simplest interactions between Harry and Draco are a delight:

"You are so annoying." Harry picked up a parchment to hide behind. Malfoy's ability to divine his thoughts was unnerving. Was he practicing Legilimency? Harry kept his eyes averted, just in case.

"As said by the master of the art of annoyance." Draco examined his nails.

Although I appreciate all the characters in this, your Draco sparks and glows and steals the entire show/fic. (...his banter in Madam Puddifoot's, his sex rules, his fatherly ethics, his profession...) Thank you - what a pleasure!

btw, I love the London Underground poems - somewhere I have a few slim volumes of some poetry that had been posted from years ago.

I really enjoyed this story! The H/D banter was so enjoyable. "I have a gentil cock" cracked me up. And that final scene was lovely. ♥
Wonderful beginning, with the Goblet of Fire. Love to see a wonderful thing carried on to next-gen. Fantastic idea.
I love Harry calling Scorpius "Young Malfoy" in his head.
Harry stared at the headmaster. Childhood rivalries? Was that what they were calling the War these days?
Hahaha, I love everyone turning to look at Harry-the-clue. I have this feeling it isn't him, for some reason..... ;)
"I can assure you that Mr Potter's relationship with his wife is not the clue," Flitwick said.
Oh, I love them snarking about tea ettiquite. Fantastic. And then it coming back to bite Harry in the arse! Fantastic!!!
"Muggles mob little grey men for entertainment?" Malfoy's eyes were wide with horror. "For God's sake, Potter, you have to help me! Scorpius is all I have!"
Malfoy's last outburst was so heartfelt that Harry's amusement died.

That's funny, because my amusement flared!
Malfoy sighed. "Astoria kept the Paris flat and changed her name to Asteria for some obscure reason."
Ha! Thanks, post-canon discrepancies!
Oh man, I love watching this Tri-wizard tournament. So good, so good!
Al contemplated him silently for a few moments, then closed his book. "I've been in love with Scorpius Malfoy since I first set eyes on him."
Harry blinked. "Oh. Well. That explains it."
Best father-son interaction ever.
I love Al. He is made of all kinds of Slytherin win.
"Why don't you enjoy your lobster?"
"I'm eating steak."
"So you are. How is it?"

Ahahaha. You are fabulous. Just fabulous.
Oh, wow, I love Harry's frankness when he finally blurts out about wanting a relationship.
"A small one," Headmaster Flitwick said while Headmaster Vangelis and Headmistress Capella nodded. "It appears that the 'thing you'd miss the most' for your boys would be each other."
D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Seriously though, they're still using that old bit?
Damn, you made cheating so damn appealing and sweet. Not good, man, not good.
Draco wrapped his arm over Harry's chest and began a gentle rocking motion with his hips. Harry relaxed and began to slowly massage his prick to full hardness, allowing Draco to do all the real work. Lovely. He didn't bother to quicken his hand's pace as he felt his climax build within him. He simply allowed the crash of his orgasm to swell and spill all over the sheets.
Lazy morning sex for the win! For the win!!!!!
Thoroughly wonderful, Epilouge for the win this round!
Aww, fantastic! Adventure and comedy and romance - great ingredients, skillfully used. I enjoyed the Tri-wizard story-line immensely. Rule-bound, unhappy and slightly mad Draco was a joy and Harry was great, part infuriated and part attracted to him. I loved the boys too. A really great story, well done and thank you!
I really enjoyed this story! Fast paced and amusing. It was lovely to re-visit the Tri-wizard tournament, especially with Draco and Harry as parents to participants.

Lately, I've been craving H/D stories with a side of AS/S (and Harry's about names being shortened to 'ass' made me snort). This fit the bill perfectly! I loved how devious Albus and Scorpius were. Draco's rules were crazy and made me feel for him so much. I'm glad they were able to find the balance; the ending made me awww. Thank you so much for sharing!
Wheee, lovely! The next gen Triwizard plot was great fun, and making Scorpius and Albus opposing champions was inspired. I also liked the Durmstrang champion (and the girl/girl moment after the third task!) to bits.

Fun Draco throughout with a great mix of mood swings and fatherly protectiveness and hell-bent on name restoration, and I liked your calm, long-suffering and immensely loyal Harry very much. The way he clings to his idea of family feels extemely canonical.

I liked the way the story handled Ginny less, because even though she's far from being my favourite character, I couldn't see her character traits of money and sex obsession rooted in canon. And I didn't quite figure out why Draco thought Scorpius falling for Al would ruin his future (well, not after you introduced us to Draco's guidelines to marriage and heirs, with rules... and rules... :). Though on the other hand Draco is so protective that I think he'd hate to see Scorpius go through that loveless sort of arrangement he advocates.

Those rules were great fun, though, and I adored the moment when Harry walked away from the possiblity of sex because he refuses to put up with them.

And your Albus is just about the most gorgeous thing ever! Likeable, but such an arch-Slytherin, and poor Scorpius never had a chance, I guess ;). I adored the plot twist at the end, that brilliant concept that they *used* the tournament to get ahead with their career plans. Wow! The Weasley twins wouldn't have pulled that one off.

Very good, very entertaining story, mystery writer!
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