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High Stakes in this Game - Team Fanon

Title: High Stakes in this Game
Team: Team Fanon
Artist: chibitoaster
Prompt: Most important H/D moment
Rating: R
Warnings: suggestions of Mpreg
Summary: Harry saving Draco from the Fiendfyre - with more at stake than just a young man's life.
Artist's Note Scrolls are bids from the game of Tarot. Translation; Prise: "Take", Garde: "Guard", Garde Sans: "Guard Without Compensation", Garde Contre: "Garde compensating the other side." Kisses to my Teammate betas!

High Stakes in this Game

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2. How well did the author/artist use their Prompt? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)

3. How much did you like this story/art overall? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)


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That's so gorgeous and vivid. The whole thing pulses with emotion. I really love it.
Vivid images, very emotional. Nicely done.
I adore the attention to detail you have in this and the colours are just magic. The look on Draco's face as he's hanging on so tightly to Draco is beautiful. This is a gorgeous picture.
beautiful. i adore the colours. you did a great job telling a story with out heaps of pics. really nice. ♥
This is just so amazingly gorgeous, hon! I don't even know where to start.

The colors are remarkable, the use of the pink with the color of the flames is great. The scene with them both reaching for the snitch is especially touching. And then the one with just their faces. *sighs happily* I can't tell for sure if Harry is kissing him or whispering in his ear, but either way the look on Draco's face is just awww-worthy.

Lovely job, hon! You did the team proud. :-)
The colours! THE COLOURS!!!11
very nice
I love the look of them a bit beat up on the broom and the colors are great and then the glimpses of the future...

While undoubtedly I love the background of your piece, the depiction of Harry and Draco on the broom is just stunning. The proportions are spot on and you have completely captured the movement of their flight in the way their hair is ruffled and their clothes ripple around them. Balanced against the 'flatter' background palette of flame colours you have done a brilliant job of injecting vitality into both layers.

I love how evocative this picture is: Harry is so determined here, and Draco seems both terrified and trustful. Very nice colours also. And it's a pleasure to see all the little fanon vignettes :)
the attention to detail is mind blowing. especially on the broom...i can't stop looking at the clothing, and i can almost...feel the wind from the ride that they're feeling. incredible.
Oh, wow, your use of the red and orange colors that depict the fire is amazing. They look real! In fact, the whole coloring is amazing! The scrolls are very clever as well, love the words and love how you connect this piece to Tarot, even though the prompt is not. In short, this is a great piece of work! (Oh and, yes, mpreg, finally! XD)
Beautifully done. With the images in the flames, and the plays worked in with the different moments from the books, you've highlighted a whole aspect of Tarot that I don't think anyone else has! And on a personal note? Thanks so much for that little hint of m-preg. Team fanon couldn't go through the entire games and never have that, now could we? This is beautiful, and you did your team proud.
Oh... the details you have coming out of the flames! Very nice!
This is stunning. From the depiction of the flames (which look so real they jump off the page) to the use of the Tarot in the scrolls...

OMG and the hint at mpreg makes me squeeee in delight.

The boys on the broom are perfection!!!!

I adore this more than words can say!
Oh, the composition worked out really well and I rather enjoyed the story you told by the images structured around the main picture of the broom rescue.

Gorgeous colors (what a fantastic fire) and I like your depiction of the boys!
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