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The Most Important H/D Moment from the Books - Team Canon

Title: The Most Important H/D Moment from the Books
Team: Canon
Artist: glockgal
Prompt: The Most Important H/D Moment from the Books
Rating: PG-13/Teen
Warnings: Blood imagery
Artist's Note Flash required to view the image.

The Most Important H/D Moment from the Books

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2. How well did the author/artist use their Prompt? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)

3. How much did you like this story/art overall? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)


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I adore this. I love the purple tint you put in the skin tone - it goes so well with the orange. And the red stains works wonderfully; not to mention the little surprises when I moused over them.

And yes, that's the most important h/d moment indeed!
Uau! This is really good!
God. It's gorgeous, so visceral and bloody. You made the scene come to life in full colour. This is one of my favourite scenes in the series and you did it complete justice, capturing all tension and conflicting emotion.

I love how it's framed with blood and I love the flash of the boy's eyes. It's made my pulse race.

Really amazing, lovely, just perfect. XXXXX
Very cool way to do this. I liked the images a lot. Well done.
nicely done, though it might have been good to explain it ineracted, since i almost missed the inset pics because i had no reason to move my mouse over them. v. clever.
Very nice picture. I like the bloody edges.
You couldn't have chosen a better scene. This is where everything changed between Harry and Draco and to me it's what later made H/D canonly possible.
The whole thing was so perfect, I loved how you get a little glimpse of what happens from the overall picture in the blood drops. ♥
Oh, gorgeous! I didn't even know you had to mouse over the blood drops to get a bigger picture. Just - absolutely wonderful.
Nice work, although if you ever repost this, you might want to put an A/N to run your cursor over the image/blood drops. I sat waiting for the flash to kick in and then quite by accident I found out what happened. It's very cool and I'm wondering if other slow people like me are missing it;)
It's very cool and I'm wondering if other slow people like me are missing it;)

*raises hand slowly* :D
this is GORGEOUS. absolutely stunning. and i agree...the most important moment from the books. well done! :D
This is very good. I love the vivid colours, the use of the blood drops, Draco's face reflected in the mirror. Very evocative. And it's certainly the most important H/D moment.
Gah - amazingly evocative for such a 'simple' idea. Not that there is anything simple at all in what you have produced. The way you use the 'water colour' and your combinations of colourings show just how much you understand light and shade.

I disagree with Rickey (sorry!), but I'm glad there isn't a hint to hover to discover the 'secret' images. Finding them myself felt like a special treat, like I'd snuck a peek at something secret, and that shared secret really drew me in and made me feel involved in the piece even more than at the level of simple enjoyment. I also loved your purposely subtle use of red and green throughout.

Just brilliantly done.
:) that's fine to disagree. I see what you say about the surprise adding a level of attachment to the piece, but the flip side of that is that it only works if you find it. So if you've looked at this piece, didn't find it, then you've missed some of the artist's thoughts and interpretation of the "moment".
I spent ages trying to figure out where the Flash would be needed. Then I accidentally hovered my mouse above one of the blood splatters and found one of the hidden scenes! I squeed like mad for finding that little treat. Awesome! ... this is great art! I am just so in love with the red frame of blood. Call me morbid but the way you draw the blood is so good. Nice colors, too. Great job overall. :)

The Most Important H/D Moment from the Books

Beautiful. And done in such a clever way. I enjoyed the little surprise pics very much!
This is brilliant!
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