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Perfect Day - Team Canon

Title: Perfect Day
Team: Canon
Author: scrtkpr
Prompt: Wheel of Fortune
Wordcount: 24,500
Rating: R (to be safe)
Warnings: None
Summary: One day can change everything.
Author's Note: Fortune, like a coy mistress, loves to yield her favors, though she makes us wrest them from her.—Christian Nestell Bovee

Thank you to my betas.

Perfect Day

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You've gone to quite incredible lengths to pick up and weave together lots of unfinished sub-stories from DH. My particular favourite scene from the overall story is Draco's interaction with Ollivander. For some reason that comes the closest to hooking me in to the extent of Draco's misery immediately post-war. Perhaps it's that knowledge of imprisoning him for so long and either not doing, or not feeling able to do, anything.

I really like your idea of using Felix Felicis in relation to the wheel of fortune because of its ability to go both ways, and I think it's entertaining to read about Draco's backwards slide into utter stupidity because let's face it, it's familiar territory for him!
Thank you so much, both for your help on this story, and for the lovely comment! ♥
This was brilliant. Great use of the prompt, with luck as a very double-edged sword. I loved the way that Draco wasn't converted by his experiences into a nicer, more thoughtful individual, and yet they did leave a mark on him. He grew up a little bit and he managed to do the right thing a surprising amount! When he said that the potion wouldn't have helped him fixed the cabinet, my heart went ouch for that painful self-awareness. This awkwardness and intensity is perfect Harry/Draco. Thanks!
Thank you so much for this lovely comment! Every single one of these things was something I was hoping to accomplish in this story, so I'm really glad you feel I succeeded. ♥

Thank you also for your comment on Cerulean Blue over at Beltane. I'm embarrassed to be so far behind, but I'll be replying over there as soon as I finish replying to comments on my worldcup fics.
What a well-crafted piece. The little details that you teased out, the turns you made with the Felix Felices potion, all wonderfully rendered. My favorite bit is the Resurrection Stone, especially this:

"Severus," said Dumbledore, "you always did get like this when you were worried about someone."

And your characterizations were spot-on, very canon. Thank you!
I'm so glad the potion and characterizations were convincing and interesting to read about. And the resurrection stone was a favorite part of mine too, so yay! :) Thank you very much for the lovely comment. ♥
Well done. The use of canon here was really amazing. A lot of the plot of the previous stories brought in. At the same time I really enjoyed your characharizations of Draco. Well well done

Perfect Day

Thank you so much! This comment really put a smile on my face. ♥
Wow! Unbelievably well thought out. Loved the tension between Harry and Draco. This is real fic writing at its best. Thanks!


Perfect Day

Thank you so much, for this comment, and for the one you left on Still Life in Wood and Parchment. They both made me grin. ♥
This is definitely one of my favourite fics in the fest, and I say that without any team bias whatsoever. ;)

Your writing is completely engaging, so smooth and confident, so much fun. The story just zips along. I didn't want it to end.

I just love the concept. I can't remember many other fics that make use of Felix Felicis, which is surprising as the potion has so much story potential. It's the perfect magical object to illustrate your prompt.

And your Draco. I just love him. He was completely in canon and very sympathetic at the same time. Watching him rush through his downward spiral was hard, especially when I could see the metaphorical wall he was about to crash into, but he couldn't. And Harry, so brave, determined and clueless. *sighs happily*

What I love the most about this fic, though, is how it drew me through such a wide variety of emotions. It was sweet, funny and thrilling, dark in places, and happy in the end. The ending pulled everything together and was very satisfying. I felt really good after finishing.
♥ ♥ ♥
Very clever use of the prompt, with Felix Felicis and all that. One of my favorite potions in HP, so I'm glad to see it feature so prominently here. Way to go for following the canon, especially picking out important scenes from the books and applying them to Draco (instead of Harry) this time around. It was quite shocking, though, to realize that all of that happened to Draco in one single day; poor boy must be tired after the action and drama. But at the same time, as a reader, it was exciting to follow Draco's roller coaster ride for the day, especially because he always crosses paths with Harry at every turn. :) So much fun to read.
Thank you so much! Felix Felicis was a favorite potion of mine too, and I had fun exploring it in this story. And yes, poor Draco had an exhausting day! ;) I'm really glad you enjoyed the story. ♥
I really loved this. I'm finding Team Canon has had all of my favorite fics so far. This felt very, very canon even while we know this isn't actually how it happened. It felt as though things could very well have gone this way. Excellent job!

Perfect Day

Thank you so much! Your comments on both of my worldcup fics really delighted me. I'm really glad you felt I did so well for my team. ♥
This fic is made of fabulous. I love your idea to use Felix Felicis, it was a great choice and your description of the potion and its effects were perfect. I had a huge smile the entire time Draco allowed himself to be led and just 'knowing' it was right. I had the same reaction to Harry's use of the potion while reading HBP. It's a great feeling as a reader as well to just 'let' a character make these odd decisions (turn left, just because) and to not have to worry about motivation. Draco could stay and talk to Harry for a minute longer than usual because he knew it was suppose to happen that way in order for him to get his perfect day.

And then the slow turn of fortune... seeing Draco not being led but being over confident. It was so well written. I felt the change before I really understood what exactly was happening.

And the final decision of Draco to stop being impulsive was a great choice for the ending. Let them take their time and do it right.

This fic was a absolute pleasure from beginning to end.
I had the same reaction to Harry's use of the potion while reading HBP.

Yes! I did too! :D That's part of the reason I was so interested to try writing something with FF, though it was a bit of a headache to plot.

I felt the change before I really understood what exactly was happening.

I was so happy to hear that!

And the final decision of Draco to stop being impulsive was a great choice for the ending. Let them take their time and do it right.

Yay, I'm glad the ending worked for you! I do have plans to eventually do that timestamp meme, so I suspect I might end up writing a little more in this universe, one of these days. :)

Thank you so much, for your comments and reviews. They really meant a lot to me. ♥
Positively brilliant. I loved the use of canon - retracing various steps and events from the books, getting Draco's POV. I thought both Draco and Harry were marvelously IC. Fantastic work. Wonderful read. Marvelously crafted. I's dotted and T's crossed.
This comment just put the hugest grin on my face. I seriously couldn't stop smiling. Thank you so much! ♥
Wow and wow. I knew from the word count that this piece was long, but it really didn't feel long at all. It sped right through Draco's day, just amazing. It's a brilliant plot, tying together so many elements not only from DH but from the whole series! Just incredible. What really keeps it completely gripping though is not just the way each plot event leads right on to the next, but the emotional journey that Draco goes through.

I loved this for so many reasons. For me, writing fic is a fannish pursuit because it is a way for me to interact with the canon, to investigate it and inhabit it. Reading this fic was, too. I also loved how you not only had canon characterizations for Draco and Harry, but for everyone including Zacharias Smith and even Severus Snape. :)

Brilliant all around!
"For me, writing fic is a fannish pursuit because it is a way for me to interact with the canon, to investigate it and inhabit it. Reading this fic was, too."

Fantastic! That was some pretty impressive use of canon. Loved the tension between Harry and Draco. Something of a whirlwind of emotion; especially liked the scene with McGonagall's speech and the way Draco was affected. The whole fic felt so right, somehow - really, really loved it! :)
Thank you so very much! "Whirlwind of emotion." I love that! ♥
Reading this fic was so much fun. And who deserves a lucky day more than Draco?

Here are some of my favorite lines:

"Your owl's wingspan is a third smaller than my owl's," Draco told him. LOL at the innuendo!

they smelled of sweat, maybe blood, and some fouler smell, like the matted fur of a sick animal. What a vivid description of Greyback's robes. Somehow I'm certain that's exactly what they smell like.

Charity Burbage: "The Muggles believe that the first stage of grief is denial." I got the feeling that Burbage must have been one of those really annoying touchy-feely psychology teachers. Even though we know next to nothing about her from canon, I found your characterization to be very believable.

A lovely read - good stuff!

Oh, thank you so much! ♥

You happened to quote some of the lines I'd paid the most attention to, hoping they would work, so yay! :D Thank you for the lovely comment. I'm really thrilled you liked the story so well.
I loved being taken on the journey of Draco's day while on Felix Felicis. I felt for him as he was overdosing and was making inappropriate reactions to what was being said. Having Draco's POV on the past instances was a total win.

Thank you! ♥ I'm really glad you were able to enjoy the story, despite having some issues with it. (Still have that post bookmarked and hope to get back to you after I catch up on comments!) And thank you for the "awards" you gave my fics--I was so delighted. "Best Draco being Draco" was by far my favorite. :D
Perfectly canon. I've been waiting for this fic so long, you have no idea. I'm beyond pleased someone finally wrote it. Yours is the first fic of this fest I've felt moved to comment on.

Edited at 2008-05-01 10:00 pm (UTC)

Perfect Day

Oooh, thank you so much! What an awesome compliment! I'm so happy to have moved you to comment. ♥
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