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"Did You Know I'm Naked Underneath This T-Shirt" And Other Great Hits - Team Fanon

Title: "Did You Know I'm Naked Underneath This T-Shirt" And Other Great Hits
Team: Team Fanon
Author: britbitribbit
Prompt: The Moon
Wordcount: ~8700
Rating: R
Warnings: Crack!fic, Muggle boarding school AU, underage boys
Summary: I know for a fact that Goyle's a drummer.
Author's Note: A silly, literal interpretation of "The Moon." Love and thanks to my betas and anyone who helped me figure out British education. None of the musical works referenced are mine.

"Did You Know I'm Naked Underneath This T-Shirt" And Other Great Hits

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I adore this story so much! And Moon River is such a romantic song, I love it. Well done!
I do love Moon River. Thank you, and go Team Fanon! <33
Funny and cute!
Thank you! :)

I couldn't imagine something more fanon than this fic. I adored reading this for two very different reasons, both demonstrating how hopeless I am :):

First, I'm pretty sure you carefully chose the setting of this fic because *cough* well, St. Brutus’s Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys is not unknown to me *cough* and to some other guilty readers of adultfanfiction.net *cough*.

Second, bandslash is my dirty secret and here it was both hilarious (bassist!Finnegan and drummer!Goyle are my new fandom favourites!) and sweet (yes for tortured!Harry and understanding!Draco). And please tell me that Pete Doherty is Goyle's mysterious third cousin!

*is hysterical*
Heee, thank you for your comment. It made me grin when I got it.

And OF COURSE it's Pete Doherty. :D
i can't wipe the grin off of my face right now.

this is too cool for words~
Thank you very much! :D
I'm not a huge AU fan, but this was really a great read. I enjoyed the characterizations a lot as well as the setting.
I'm glad you liked it! I know AUs are generally not some people's thing so it makes me happy that you read and enjoyed it regardless.
I am highly amused by this cute and terrifically cracktastic fic :D. I love their band drama and Draco's parents and yeah, good times.
Cracktastic is my favorite. :P Thanks!
I can't stop giggling. This fic was wonderful and cute and awesome in so many ways.
Oh man, this was so awesome in so many ways. This is-- pretty much all good things about fanon, and gosh, music!AU is always so awesome, and you put them in St. Brutus's! And! It was just awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.
You are also awesome. :D Thanks!
St. Brutus! That was such a great idea, and Goyle being a good drummer makes me grin.
He'd just be such a great drummer! Thanks for your comment.
this was really cute. i hate using that word, but it's a huge compliment. i ususally try to stay away from non-magical AUs, but this was genius and funny.

Nothing could be done for the mess.

very clever to have that line after the frotting scene, since every author in fandom is guilty of using the quick "scourgify" after orgasm. :D

well done!
I was totally going to say that, too!!!
Loved it! I love angry!Harry, unreadable!Harry, Harry-who-has-a-hard-time-with-his-feelings. I liked the descriptions of the fights - Harry smashing Draco's face into the keyboard and the way his lip caught between two keys! Wonderful detail that made it graphic and vivid and, i don't know, somehow captured the angry passion and energy between them. I laughed in many places and felt for both Harry and Draco in others. A really fun fic all around. Well done!
Thank you so much! <3
Fantastic story. I really like it that it takes place at St. Brutus. And for some reason I really like your drummer!Goyle...it suits him. And, soo much love for angry!Harry and Draco.

Really enjoyed it! Thank you!
Thank you. :D
I love bandslash! This was wonderful.
Secretly, I think bandslash is awesome. :P Thanks!
I really enjoyed this. AU with Angry!Harry and Draco just not quite being as good as Harry. Loved the selection of songs, and Harry singing Cat Stevens *swoon*. Great setting.
If only Draco was as appreciative of Cat Stevens as you are. :) Thanks for your comment!
Yep, I have to agree with the general consensus that this was a fantastic idea, St Brutus's indeed! Such a great fic, and I love bruiser!Harry and hey, what'd I do?Draco. Very cool, very sexy, and very well done!
Thank you! And I like your icon. ;)
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