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The Arc of the Pendulum - Team EWE

Title: The Arc of the Pendulum
Team: EWE
Author: brummell
Prompt: The Hanged Man
Wordcount: 30,262
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: A bit of gore
Summary: After his father casts a mysterious curse on Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy is forced to try to make things right.
Author's Note: This is an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, with some tribute paid to Disney's 1991 animated feature. Many thanks to my betas, w and b.
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.

The Arc of the Pendulum

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This was utterly amazing. I love how you've made Beauty and the Beast fic the canon -- and the characters -- so perfectly.
Thank you very much! I'm so glad the adaptation element worked for you.


omg i'm so glad i took time off from abstaining from the internet to read this incredible work. i love how everything builds up to the end, so perfect. and first time sex was awesome too. and everything totally fit with the prompt too (:
Thank you very much! Working with the prompt was both fun and really challenging, so I'm glad you thought it fit.



this story was so amazing! i'm not a usual fan of werewolf!harry, but i thought all of the characters were really believeable, and that the plot was fantastic!! :) :)

Re: :)

Thank you for taking a chance with werewolf!Harry in this story. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
My heart clenched many times while reading this fic. You really know how to get to ppl's hearts through your writings. Congratulations and thanks for this amazing fic.
Thank you so much! I'm very glad some of the emotion came through and that you enjoyed this.
I'm glad you found that the adaptation worked. And I'm happy that you mentioned Narcissa, because I was worried that I underplayed the importance of her role in the chain of events. Thank you for this lovely comment!
This was a lovely tale! Creature!fics of any type are a weakness of mine, and I loved this new approach to the genre. It was dark and deep and, at the same time, the relationship building between Harry and Draco left me with such a wonderful feeling. Well done!
Thank you very much! As a creature!fic-writing novice, I'm immensely relieved that this worked for a seasoned creature!fic reader :)
Excellent. This story builds just right. I liked the development of Harry and Draco's relationship. I enjoyed reading this story a lot.
Thank you very much - I hoped that their relationship wasn't rushed or stagnant. So glad you enjoyed this!
Wow, this was a great story and despite readingyour summary I forgot all about it being an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast because you entirely made it your own. Draco's pain came across so very real, in all aspects of his life, all his guilt and sadness and regret. I really enjoyed reading it from his point of view. Wonderful xx
Thank you very much! I'm delighted that you forgot about the adaptation, since I tried so hard to fuse the two worlds without showing a big seam. So glad you enjoyed this :)
I'm speechless and in total awe. I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this story. A couple of times I was on the verge of tears. It was heartbreaking, beautiful and believeable. Everything, even Lucius' madness made sense in the end, but the actual H/D interaction was what made this a gem. Thanks for this amazing story! ♥
I'm so glad you found it believable - I was worried that it might stretch the bounds of emotional realism too much. Thank you for reading and for this lovely comment!
I am simply amazed. Blown away by the tale you weaved. It shows how much thought goes into this story. I didn't know what I should be expecting with "an adaptation of Beauty & the Beast". Something more fairytale-ish, I suppose, but this is so much better than that.

There were a lot of elements in this story that I loved. Anything that deals with magical theory is always fascinating for me; who would have thought of reversed lycanthropy? It always gives stories much more meaning and connection to the actual series by J.K. Rowling. And this story is also abundant with plots and twists and actions, just the way I like it.

Each character was also, I felt, correctly written. They were so spot on and completely believable. Both Draco and Harry are so human, flawed and yet heroic in their own ways. My heart goes out for both of them.

This story is not what I would call romantic - in fact, it's quite a dark one - but I can just feel how strong their need and love for one another. Their bond is so deep here... the way Harry needs Draco and the way Harry is the only one Draco is willing to make a selfless sacrifice for is very romantic indeed. I cried many times during the duration of reading this long story, especially during those moments when I realized just how much they need each other to survive. And the end... oh, so very deserving, for the both of them!

Definitely the best one from this prompt. Thank for this satisfying read and keep up the good work!
I'm very glad that the theory behind the curse worked for you; that was something that took me weeks and weeks to think through :) And I'm very happy that Harry's humanity came through along with Draco's, since the limited POV makes me afraid that I'm not spending enough time on him even though he's so very important.

I think the concept underlying my devotion to Harry and Draco as a pairing is in how irresistibly they are drawn to each other and how opposite they are. My goal in writing fanfiction, then, is to show how that attraction/repulsion can grow into something huge, for them, and explore ways in which they can find that they're not only attracted, but that they need each other. So I'm glad that need came through somewhat.

Thank you for this wonderful comment!
Wow! This story is soo amazing! You wrote a werewolf!Harry story...I think this is the first time I read a good one! I soo much loved the idea of this curse and it was so like Harry that he overcame it. The way you wrote Harry is fantastic....you can feel how struggles to remain sane and how Draco helps (in his usual way).
OMG and the sex scene...wow...loved it.

Really enjoyed it a lot! Thank you soo much!
Thank you so much! What a lovely compliment. I'm really happy that you liked the way Harry came across, since I'm always afraid that writing Draco POV will fail to showcase how wonderful I think Harry is.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this!
Fabulous story! Creative and heart wrenching with a completely satisfying payoff at the end. Thanks you!
Thank you very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed this.
I'm still all choked up from the hospital scene.

From beginning to end this was an utterly engaging and thoroughly satisfying read!

Thank you for sharing!
Thank you for reading! I'm so glad it held your interest all the way through.
Rolling on the floor laughing, and sobbing my heart out, alternatively. This was amazing. ♥
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed this (despite yo-yo effect). :)

The Arc of the Pendulum

I enjoyed your story very much! I liked how you portrayed Harry, his wolfish nature, and that's something, because I don't like creature!fic in general. I liked how he was so tired of fighting and yet made the effort again and again. The shock when you showed him after the three weeks of Draco's absence - what a change. And again he made the effort to be human. That's so Harry!

The narrative language really intrigued me, you managed to capture that special sound of a fairy tale extremely well. The story itself was very gripping and moving. The misunderstanding such a classical H/D moment, where Draco finally was able to do something unselfish and Harry didn't recognise it first. Lucius whole role in the fic, from his insanity to the evilness of the curse, worked as a perfect evil counter-balance to Draco's change.

Thank you for an exciting read!

Re: The Arc of the Pendulum

Thank you so much! I'm glad your dislike of creature!fic didn't extend to this story too. I hoped that Harry's struggle wouldn't become too repetitive, so thank you for your comments about that, and about Lucius too, who had great potential to be way over-the-top. I'm very happy that you enjoyed this.
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