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hd world cup

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How You Carry On - Team Epilogue

Title: How You Carry On
Team: Epilogue
Author: acromantular
Prompt: The Hanged Man
Wordcount: ~7000
Rating: R
Warnings: none
Summary: Harry just wants to do the right thing. When did that become so bloody difficult?
Author's Note: Thanks to my unnamed beta, who braved my handwriting to read this in progress! Card interpretation included in the story; I included both the standard reading and the reversal. Go Team Epilogue!

How You Carry On

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"Yeah," James said, "And he's hung like a ..."
Mmm! I want a smoky mango drink! What is it?? (I want it to be real)
Harry's breath hitched, and the last few minutes' conversation shattered and reformed in his mind.
That's so well-phrased, especially given his classic cluelessness, even when Malfoy says something as point-blank as "I miss men"
Ok, Gellert and Dumbles playing chess in the Kings-Cross afterlife=win
"But I liked those names!"
"Even I find it creepy."
"Are you sure you're from my head?"

Ha!!! Hahaahahah!
Hm, I do feel that, despite the lovely UST you built up, that the sex came a little quickly, not to mention that you never really got into, you know, Harry potentially being interested in men
Sweet, and fun!
Thanks for the feedback!
I'm afraid that there's some untranslatable magic in the smoky mango drink, so no luck. ;)
I'm also 100% with you on the timing - I got into a deadline crunch, and had to omit some planned scenes, but am working on a rewrite to address those issues. (Hopefully before the holiday fest season starts!)

Sorry for the late response - I've been a terrible delinquent, but do appreciate that you took time to read & comment during the fest.

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