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hd world cup

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How You Carry On - Team Epilogue

Title: How You Carry On
Team: Epilogue
Author: acromantular
Prompt: The Hanged Man
Wordcount: ~7000
Rating: R
Warnings: none
Summary: Harry just wants to do the right thing. When did that become so bloody difficult?
Author's Note: Thanks to my unnamed beta, who braved my handwriting to read this in progress! Card interpretation included in the story; I included both the standard reading and the reversal. Go Team Epilogue!

How You Carry On

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Charming! <3 The dialogue is witty. The development is well-paced. I love how strong Harry comes out in the end. And it was very sweet of Draco to do all that. His snarky humor is very adorable. Love, love, love and many props to you for writing this fic.

(Oh and, I don't usually hate them but, here, I just felt like Ron and Ginny should both drop dead. O__o;;)
Thank you for such awesome feedback!
I don't usually write such unpleasant Weasleys, but I'm glad to hear it worked in this case.

(Sorry for the horribly late response; I do appreciate your reading and commenting during the fest!)

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