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How You Carry On - Team Epilogue

Title: How You Carry On
Team: Epilogue
Author: acromantular
Prompt: The Hanged Man
Wordcount: ~7000
Rating: R
Warnings: none
Summary: Harry just wants to do the right thing. When did that become so bloody difficult?
Author's Note: Thanks to my unnamed beta, who braved my handwriting to read this in progress! Card interpretation included in the story; I included both the standard reading and the reversal. Go Team Epilogue!

How You Carry OnCollapse )


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I really enjoyed about three quarters of this... I enjoyed the last quarter as well, but felt it was a bit rushed. Apart from that very good :)
Thank you!

I'm glad you liked the beginning, and fully agree with your analysis of the last bits. I hit deadline trouble, so didn't get to write/edit the end so thoroughly. Working on a rewrite, though...

Sorry for such a late reply; I appreciate that you took time to read & comment during the fest.
I very much enjoyed the scene in which Harry encounters Dumbledore again. It is way funny. I liked this fic because it was sweet funny and just plain great.
Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for reading & commenting waaaay back during the fest.
Yeah, uh, read this today and just wanted to mention I rambled on about it here - thank you for a fabulous read ♥
Hey there!
*waves wildly*

Wow, so glad to hear you liked it! (Yes, I'm a terrible delinquent who is only just now answering comments! o.O Sorry.)

The feedback is excellent - I'm totally psyched to hear what worked for you. Since I ran into a bit of deadline trouble this one's slated for a rewrite before I post to my LJ; hopefully I'll get it done before the holiday fest season starts up. And thanks for the link to that gorgeous picture of H/D as aurors! Most excellent.

*hugs again*
Dumbledore: "Naming children after the dead has always seemed a bit... reactionary."
Harry:"But I liked those names!"
Dumbledore:"Even I find it creepy."

Best. Line. Ever. Hee!

Very nice fic.
Thank you!

I'm so glad you liked it. ;)

Sorry for the late response - I'm awful. Thanks for reading & commenting waaay back during the fest.
Thank you - this is probably the fluffiest thing I've ever written, so it's great to hear it worked!

(Thanks for reading & commenting during the fest, and I'm terribly sorry for the later response.)
A fun, easygoing one... the Harry - Dumbledore conversation is a joy to read (yeah, the names are creepy, Harry) :D
Hooray, thank you!
I'm so glad it worked for you.

Sorry for the horribly late reply, and thanks so much for reading and commenting during the fest.
That was very enjoyable. I liked how you made harry's desire to make everything right and have his life as it 'ought' to be obscure his judgment and his ability to make himself happy. The argument with his subconscious/Dumbeldore was also fun and effective.
Thank you so much!
I like to think Dumbledore is still meddling from afar, just trying to make Harry think it's his own idea. ;) Or not, as you prefer.

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks so much for reading and responding during the fest!
Funny and enjoyable! :) The story went well with the prompt too, but the only thing is that it felt a bit short. It could have used some more UST scenes between Draco and Harry, or maybe some insight into Harry's feelings.
I kind of bought bitchy!Ginny too, which I very rarely do - if ever - so that is a compliment for sure.
Thank you!
I unfortunately ran into a deadline time crunch, so there were scenes that didn't make it. I'm working on them now, so hopefully will have a more UST-full fic sometime before holiday fest season starts!

Thanks for the feedback - it's great to hear what works, especially that Ginny was convincingly awful. ;)

Sorry for the horribly late reply, and thanks again for reading and commenting during the fest!
Oh, I really enjoyed this. I like the fact that Harry didn't cheat, no matter his feelings, no matter how unhappy he was. Only after he received confirmation about Ginny and decided it was over did he go to Draco. I just don't see Harry as the cheating sort, so kudos for that.

The bar scenes were wonderful. I like that, even though he felt defeated in his life at home, he didn't back down when Ron stuck his uninformed nose in. Good for Harry! And the one with Draco? Harry recognised what he wanted, and was honest, yet still didn't stray. *squishes him*

And I have much ♥ ♥ for the ending. NOW they're a family! Oh, and I like the way you threw the Tarot card in there, and the unconventional way of explaining its meaning. *g*
*tackles and hugs*

You do realize that I wrote such fluffy fluff just for you, right? I'm working on a bit of rewrite to catch the scenes I couldn't fit in under the deadline, so hopefully there won't be such whiplash. ;)

Anyhoo, so glad to hear you liked it! Obviously I'm a terrible delinquent for only reading and responding to comments several months later, but I do appreciate the fact you read and reviewed way back then.
Very curious:

"Merlin, they had only barely managed to rescue a Muggle family from a group of Kneazles who had taken up residence in their potting shed."

I enjoyed this too:

"Merlin!" Harry gasped in shock.
Malfoy pulled back and slapped the side of his leg.
"My name is Draco," he said, glaring in mock-anger. "Get it right."

Very apt use of the prompt, and as Romaine24 said - "Inaction is brought forward as a decision and is an action". Perfect title, insightful story. Thank you!!
Thank you so much!

I'm especially glad to hear what worked for you.

Sorry for the awful delay in response; you're awesome for reading and commenting during the fest.
This was hilarious! I love this story *hearts it*. I love the canon elements you wove in so ingeniously, I love the tongue-in-cheek Epilogue-compliancy, the unforced in-story explanation of the Tarot prompt and the way the story unravelled said prompt. I love your easy, fluent style of writing. And I adore the humour - it is a gift!

Mostly though, I loved this exchange:
"I want to be a just like you when I grow up," Lily announced, staring at Malfoy in awe.
"That might take some work," Malfoy said, voice carefully neutral. "You may wish to reconsider."

It's simply brilliant, original and IC and it screams SEQUEL so loudly I have to cover my ears. Thanks for writing, and please - a sequel!

Thank you so much! This is probably the fluffiest thing I've ever written, so I'm glad to hear it worked out well.

I'm working on a re-write to fill in the gaps left due to deadline issues, and certainly own't rule out a sequel - it depends on how much I can get done before holiday fest season starts! Will definitely let you know if I get it done. ;)

Sorry for the horribly late reply, and thanks for the review.
cute fic :) i liked harry's interaction with his kids and the scene at king's cross, nicely done! the sex at the end was nice too, although i wish you'd led up to it a bit more. overall, good job :D
Thank you!
I wish I'd led up to it a bit more, too, but unfortunately ran afoul of the hard deadline. x.x There's a rewrite in the works, hopefully to be done before holiday fest season kicks in.

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks so much for reading and reviewing!
Very sweet. I loved the dialogue and Lily wanting to be like Draco when she grows up really made me laugh. Ron was funny, too -- forgetting that he'd testified for Draco and also running Harry over.

I love to see Harry finally allowing himself some happiness. Nicely done.
Thank you!
I'm not used to writing fic quite this fluffy, so am glad to hear it works. ;)

Since saying it makes it happen... I'm working on a rewrite to actually fit in the scenes I didn't have time to write within the deadline. Hoping to actually get done before holiday fest season starts!

Thanks for bravely working your way through all the worldcup fics to read and review mine.
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