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Something in the Brewing - Team Epilogue

Title: Something in the Brewing
Team: Epilogue
Artist: red_rahl
Prompt: Wands
Rating: R
Warnings: Brief wandplay, possible infidelity.
Summary: One of Harry's kids is sick and only Draco knows how to brew the potion to save him. But is something more than just a potion a-brewing?
Artist’s Note The suit of wands is connected with careers, fire, creativity and energy (passion), which I used as my main inspirations. Special thanks to teammates and betas for helping me out.

Something in the Brewing

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2. How well did the author/artist use their Prompt? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)

3. How much did you like this story/art overall? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)


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Oh I ADORE this ♥ The cuteness of it all. The hidden AS/S that perhaps only I can't see. *is dumb* ;-)

Excellent organization and paneling, the story flows so smoothly, and most of all, the way you portrayed the characters made us fall in love with all of them.

One thing I like you art the most is that it never fails to fill my heart with warmth, which always makes me jealous as it is something my own cannot accomplish. Once again, thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.

Edited at 2008-04-26 12:23 pm (UTC)
I can see the AS/S too!
I have so much love for this absolutely amazing story. I am in awe of your skills, both in draftsmanship and in story telling. I love the plot of the piece, the speed at which the story is told, and the scenes you've chosen to show us. The whole thing fits together so, so beautifully, and I could stare at this for hours, not just as single frames but as a collection of frames, because the irregularity of shapes is so interesting all by itself.

My first two impressions were:

Draco - Rawwwrrrr! Love him! He is so damn sexy! That pointed chin and suave expression, and those manly shoulders. He is absolutely edible in every way. He reminds me ever so slightly of Bruce Wayne out of the Batman Adventures cartoon strips, and I assure you that's very complimentary indeed! He has not only that sense of presence but also that sense of being the disguised hero, just waiting to show us what he's made of. Wonderful.

The frame for brewing day 3, with that little explosion. That is the PERFECT comedy moment in every way! The mushroon cloud and the swaying hair! Everything about it just cracks me up, and I could stroke that frame I love it so much.

Overall, I think this is just amazing. I love your style, and you told the perfect story to complement the way you draw.

(BTW - your Ginny and Al and Scorpius are all just beautiful.)
Wonderful! I especially love Draco's receding hairline, the expressions, and how suitably older but still recognisable they all are.
Fantastic! Not only you give us wonderful art, but a nice story too :) The potion brewing was comedy at its finest.

I loved how both Harry and Draco are adult, and manly in a very sexy way. Ginny is lovely too, and with very nice breasts, or so it seems ;) And yes for AS/S as a bonus!
this was fantastic :)) So much I've messed up the voting :S Silly me...
You can re-cast your vote by clicking on the poll, I think.
Absolutely stunning. Your drawings, composition, and the story telling is done so perfectly that I assume you are drawing comics professionally (and if you don't you should :-)). I love the Sherlock Holmesian feel of this adult Draco - it is humorous, convincing and so true to character, IMO. What strikes me most is how your Harry and Draco are real in the way the drawings show their age, their gender, their positions in life as grown men, how they convey tiredness, excitement, disappointment, passion, even melancholy. You draw an unusual Draco, I find, and I love him like this. Glimpses of beauty in a portrayal that goes fully d'accord with canon, pointed chin, receding hairline and all. Harry is wonderfully alive, butch and visceral, I just adore his erotic wand-dream :-). There are so many ingenious details - the father- and son-snakes on the apron Harry wears is so great! My favourite panel is the one when they bump into each other while brewing, and Harry is startled, and Draco blushes ;-). And the ending with Al and Scorpius truly is to to die for :-).
I can hardly imagine how many hours of work must have gone into this art work. THANKS so much.
Oh, god, I just love your style. :-)

I can't even tell you how fabulous this is. Not only is the art wonderful, but the story is wonderful. I love Harry's concern in the first few panels and his relief later. I love Draco's complete confidence. I love the explosion. :-) And I adore Scorpius and Al at the end. You do amazing work, hon!
I'm printing this off and putting it on my wall. Um, just so you know.
Have I told you lately that I love you? If not, then I'm saying it now: I LOVE YOU.

I don't know how hard or easy this was for you to make but by looking at and reading this comic I get the impression that you had fun creating it. It seems so effortless.

Hands down, I consider this to be the winner of the round. Why? Well that little *bump* in the potions lab, mostly. But other than that, I commend your use of the prompt... you used it both literally and figuratively AND managed to include smut in it as well. I love the title; it fits. Brewing potions, brewing passion. <3 And many bonus points for making Draco look so handsome and the AS/S bit. <3

No, really, I love you. Thought you ought to know. :)

Edited at 2008-04-26 02:08 pm (UTC)
Awww awesome job!
I love how you made them look mature (eve Draco's hairline).
I liked lots of the little details like the 3ft pile of paperwork, Draco's apron loaner to Harry, and all their reactions.
this so "shippy"
I LOVE this! A fabulous little story and so many amazing details in the artwork. Very nice.
Awww I was waiting for your piece! This was absolutely lovely.
Oh, you know I love something a lot when I have to go back and read it again.
No wonder we haven't seen anything from you in forever! This obviously took that long!

I loved this! Your story is wonderful and it flows so well! I love the inclusion of AS/S too. It makes the story that much more cute. And I know you always have a way of doing this, but you when you do your comics, you have a way of creating a story that makes the reader care about the characters that isn't the same way that the original author intended. I think that's difficult and you do it so well!

The art is fantastic as always. I love the way you draw Harry and Draco. Though, this time around, your Draco looks a little different than what I'm used to. Maybe it's just me though.. hmm.. It's fabulous either way.
He does look a little different, but still fabulous!
One word: ♥♥♥LOVE♥♥♥

Hope you feel it! *hugs*
So incredibly cute! So full of details, so perfect storyline (Draco's hair, yay!!). Fabulous work!
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