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Priori Incantatem - Team Canon

Title: Priori Incantatem
Team: Canon
Artist: aluinnsearlait
Prompt: Wands
Rating: PG
Warnings: None!
Summary: In the end, it was the only thing he could do.
Artist's Note Special thanks to the lovely people that looked over my drawings and gave me ideas. The staircase in image 6 is located in Wells Cathedral, and was built in 1306.

Priori Incantatem

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*is in love with your Draco*

This is by far the most handsome Draco I've ever seen. ♥

I love the details of the character close-ups. Brilliantly done.
Good lord, what beautiful renderings! I'm not sure if your images are done by computer or not, but if they are I am astounded at the way a graphite pencil can be so effectively reproduced.

In particular I think the first and last frames give us faces for both Harry and Draco that are completely real. These must surely be real faces because they are so well composed and 'right' in the expressions.

I really enjoyed your story and the atmospheric backgrounds you created for all your scenes.

Amazing art! They are just perfect. How did you do it??
Beautiful. So much depth in your black and white drawings.

I particularly love the last panel: the boys' profiles are wonderfully done.
*applauds* What a wonderful, thoughtful series. The boys are both perfect and I love their expressions in the first and last panels. Well done!
(Eeek, alas, I completely lack art critique-y vocab.)

Gorgeous, gorgeous monochromatic textures.
I love the repeated composition -- from the tight perspective of the one wielding the wand, widening out to reveal those encounters from canon.
(I also adore the way the perspective is so stylised -- the tiny Harry in the serpensortia scene, for example.) Oh, and it's great fun to follow up (ie, google) artists' notes when they've been inspired by real locations.

Both Harry and Draco are beautiful, but I esp love Harry in the first image -- his hair (!), his delicate features, and the way you have angled his face and glance.
Gorgeous & stunning. I am envious of your talent and technique!

The best thing about all the pieces in this art series of yours is the angle, I think. The focus is on the wand but they tell so much about the owners. After all, in the end, the Harry Potter series is all about wands... my favorite is the Dementor one. As for your artistic rendering of Harry and Draco, I don't believe I have ever seen them drawn better than this. Thank you for drawing close-ups! I love the title as well... it gives a very canon feel to it simply because it's spelled correctly. :)

Good job.
I adore the way you did Harry's POV in so many scenes. Beautiful!
Oh, this is lovely! Nice work.
That's simply amazing! One of the best HP art pieces I've seen ever. Wow.
I'm speechless and awed. One of the most gorgeous pieces of art I've seen in fandom. The faces! The shadowing!! Argh,... I'm babbling here, but again, I'm really speechless. Absolutely stunning!
The first few panels were gorgeous, but it was really the composition in the final scene that awed me - there's a sense of total equality in the way they're standing and looking at each other, connected by the wand. Just - absolutely brilliant.
So beautiful! Their hair! their expressions, the angles from which you've chosen to draw the scenes - all very powerful; i can feel the intensity and tension, the movement, the beauty. So gorgeous.
Beautiful work! I love the perspective, with the wand in the foreground directing your eye to the scene that unfolds beyond it. I love the texture and the wonderful combinations of light and dark (like the Patronus against the 'dementors' and Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom.) Wow, so wonderful.

And the last image... the way they are looking at each other... PWNS me! I love their expressions and Draco's hand covering Harry's. Speaks volumes! I also love how real they both look. So well done!
This is just so astoundingly beautiful. I've already told you how much I love the ones I had the privilege of seeing early, but the final product is stunning. My very favorite is the last one--their expressions are just so perfect that I can't stop staring at it. There's just so much passing between them in that moment. It makes me feel all warm and squeeish and incoherent with fangirlish joy. Thank you so much--we're SO lucky to have you on our team. ♥

(Oh! And also, LOVE the title! :D)
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