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These Five Years -- Team Fanon

Title: These Five Years
Team: Fanon
Artist: lillithium
Prompt: Sword
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dub-con, angst, bodily fluids
Summary: Harry hurt because he loved. Draco loved even if it hurt.
Artist's Note: flashback = black and white. This is my first attempt at flashy movies, and I had too much fun making it. If it doesn't load properly, you might need the most recent flash plug-in.

These Five Years

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WOW. I don't even know what to say. That was unbelievable. Brilliant. Stunning. Moving, lovely, wonderful.... aaaah. I honestly can't say anything coherent, because nothing can possibly do this justice.

The music is perfect, the art absolutely beautiful, the sequence of pictures and the words and the touch of flashbacks... I think it's possible that I might be calling this the single best piece (or series of pieces?) of fanart I have ever seen.
There is music? I'm glad this comment caught my eye. I typically have my volume on mute. Guess I'll need to watch a few more times. ;)
Oh! You clever clever girl. Using the animation adds a whole new dimension to your work. My favourite 2 panels were the last 2 black and white panels. There's just so much emotion in those 2 pieces. ♥
Thank you so much for commenting, for rec-cing the art on your own lj, for constantly offering me encouragement, and for everything *hugs* It was a lot of fun moving the panels up and down with Flash, and I'm truly glad that you liked the effect. All the art pieces are posted as individual stills, and I hope you'd enjoy them as well.
Perfect. The airy, dreamlike quality, their expressions, the touches, the red of the blood, the music, the story itself. Truly amazing ♥♥♥
Thank you very much! This is my first flash fanart, and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. :-)
Holy, holy crap. Absolutely, incredibly, unbelievably brilliant in its execution on every level. The storytelling is achingly paced so that I'm begging for more yet wanting the image to slow so I can stare at it for longer. The musical accompaniment is something I've never seen before and now that I have seen it I wonder how it is that more people haven't taken the step you have and merged the two, because this is so seamless, such an exquisitely matched musical message to melt into the visual feast of your beautiful artwork.

I've seen some amazing things in my time, and this is way up there with the best of the lot. The sheer amount of time this must have taken, and the courage to pick such difficult and adult themes and present them in such a way that every brush stroke and every flash of red is absolutely central to the overall piece, almost overwhelms me. This is a simply staggering achievement.

I am going to watch this repeatedly, and no doubt come back and make further comments - I've only seen it the once so far. I couldn't click on it again because I'd be too busy watching to make a comment. I wanted you to get my first, stunned impression.

You, my dear, are something else. And if you could ever be talked into selling any of the originals used in this masterpiece of fan art I would be honoured to bid.
FOUR times of watching and I've STILL got that same lump in my throat.

You have slayed me. If I was a better writer I would attempt the story behind the pictures, but I doubt that many people could do it justice - probably not me.

This is my first time seeing the animation and the music (which is perfect, by the way, and totally in sync). This is truly essential H/D: tragic, heartfelt, intense. I have no words to describe how much I love this art. BRAVO!
Thank you very much for taking the time to comment, and thank you for rec-cing the art in your journal and even defending it for me. I truly, truly appreciate it.

And thanks for offering me suggestions regarding the art. I wouldn't have known it's under-rated had you not mentioned it to me. Thanks again ♥
I've been waiting for your work to show up in the cup,
but I never expect THIS..you made a movie!!can't get better than this.
the drawing is beautiful as always, and the words..the words just hurts...
love the way that Draco's face hide from Harry's point of view, until the last few slid revealed that he loved Harry as well,
love the kissing/biting scene, capture their love&hate relationships..
the music is great for the flashback..
Draco's sleeping face..like a angel..
brilliant,brilliant done!!!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on the art. I'm very happy that the flash format agreed with you and that you liked the artwork. The kissing/biting scene was also my favorite - glad to hear that it fit in the theme.

Thank you!
I think you've taken fanart to an entirely different level. I have never seen anything done like this and I have no doubt that this item will be talked about plenty in the coming weeks. I also have no doubt that many will follow your lead and attempt to combine art, music and technology to take their art to new story telling heights as you have done so successfully here.

What you've accomplished ... there are no words enough... an absolute masterpiece. I can't begin to imagine the time it took you to do this.
I'm not sure if both the art and myself deserved such compliments, but I do hope that from now on we could see more multi-media art.

Thank you very much ♥ I'm truly glad to hear that the time and energy I put into this project have paid off. :-)
Thank you ♥
I think fans will completely run out of superlatives to use when trying to describe just how beautiful this piece of work is. And every single word of them will be totally deserved. Utterly spellbinding my dear.
Thank you very much for all the encouragement you've been giving me from the start, and thanks a lot for rec-cing this in your journal. You have no idea how my I appreciate it.

Thank you for everything ♥
I am absolutely floored! You have really changed my notion of fanart forever. That is the single most thoughtful and well executed piece I have ever seen. Wow! Congratulations and thank you.

Thank you very much ♥ Knowing that you liked it makes all the time and thoughts I've put in the art worthwhile. Thank you!
An absolutely breathtaking combination of art and music. Making it into a movie was sheer genius.

But above that the story you've told is so poignant and very well done. *applauds*
Thank you very much! *bows* It was a lot of fun making the movie, and I'm only too glad to hear that you liked the effect it has. Thank you!
Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I'm very happy to hear that you liked the art, and esp to know that it could have effect on you.

Thank you!

can you be more wonderful than you already are?

wow! this ship is so lucky to have you on board. ^________^y
*blushes* *blushes more*

The ship is too addictive I'm not sure anybody could resist going on board. I'm only glad that a lot of talented people are in the same ship as we are. :-)
Insane! It's so good that it's crazy! You're mad! A genius! I wasn't able to speak for the longest time after I first saw it. Then I saw it again and still failed to be coherent. I am in awe and envious of your talent. My heart feels like bursting seeing this whole thing. Pretty sure it will burst for real if I see it one more time. *sigh*
*blushes purple and blue* I'm so glad that you enjoyed the movie. Feel free to see it (or even download it) as much as you like.

Thank you!


I must stop watching it, before everyone else uses up the impressive words that can be said about it, and I have to just say *gulp*.

Having said that.... I am speechless.

That is so far beyond 'a bit of fanart' that I don't know what to say. I'm pretty sure Harry/Draco art shouldn't make me ache, or breathless, or cry.


As I don't ship H/D, I have no idea who you are, but I am now totally jealous of your ship and am sending a press gang to tie you up and bring you aboard Harry/Ron. If angst is your speciality, then go right ahead... and I never say that.
It means so much more to me hearing from a non-h/d shipper say that they like it. I find that half of the time we squee for a piece of fanart because it's portraying our favorite characters/ships, so to have a Harry/Ron shipper enjoy my art means that I must have done something right. Thank you ♥

I'm not familiar with Harry/Ron, but if there's lots of angst, then I'd definitely like to check it out. :-)

Once again, thank you very much!
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