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No More Illusions -- Team Epilogue

Title: No More Illusions
Team: Epilogue
Artist: twilightsorcery
Prompt: Swords
Rating: R
Warnings: Adultery. Obviously.
Summary: In this moment of clarity, Ginny finally realizes that she's lost her husband forever.
Artist's Note: I loved drawing this. It's one of my favorite pieces ever.

No More Illusions

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My favourite part of this is how the focus is on Ginny. That's probably weird to say coming from someone who's OTP is H/D, but she often kind of gets pushed aside - this makes me think of a whole story where Ginny is the narrator, and the boys are in the background. The moment is so poignant and sharp, almost. (Hahah, I guess that fits swords!)

I really love this! Great job, can't wait to find out who you are mystery artist!
Thank you! I was a bit nervous focusing on Ginny in an H/D fest, so I'm especially glad you liked it. :)
Gosh, that's a particularly powerful message woven into so few frames. I think for me, my experience of the pic is in relating to Ginny's quiet acceptance, and it allows me to empathise with her even while I'm so happy to see the boys together.

Love the detail of the 'v' signs behind the childrens' heads! Cute!
Thank you! James's V's practically drew themselves. ;)
This is really gorgeous, and masterfully conceived in terms of structure. I love the way you've used color and light: how the light from the doorway spills onto and illuminates Harry and Draco's embrace, and the muted, yet detailed background.

And Harry looks so blissfully content... no wonder Ginny simply accepts it.
Thank you! The light from the doorway was how the whole idea started. I'm glad it worked for you. :)
This is stunning. Ginny's quiet resolve. Harry and Draco so content. Very well done. The use of light and shading is perfect.
Thank you! *hugs*
Thank you! I was a little nervous about focusing on Ginny in an H/D fest, so I'm glad that it worked for you. :)
I love how Draco's face is tucked into Harry's neck. It's just so...comfortable and poignant.

Beautiful art.
Thank you! red_rahl helped me get that pose right, so I'll pass your compliments on. :)
i liked how the frozen images seem to convey the slow efficacy of someone in shock. or is it acceptance and resignation? in any case, what a faulty action...
Thank you! I was hoping that the sense of slowed time would come across, and I'm glad it did for you. :)
Very very powerful. The ambiance and atmosphere you created work so well. I love your take on prompt - unexpected but very easy to follow.

And Draco's clinginess melts my heart here. Beautiful.
Thank you! I'm glad it was easy to follow -- that's always a concern with word-free paneled art.

I'll pass your compliments on to red_rahl, who helped me get Draco's clinginess right. :)
It's beautiful work and a wondeful art despite my trying to stomach the difficult subject matter. I found myself wanting to scream at Harry for being so stupid (in his own home!). The 3 small panels of Ginny leaving are great.
Thank you! Harry deserves to be screamed at, so go ahead if you want. ;)
the way that harry and draco are curled up on the couch in sleep, the bottle of alcohol, ginny's expression...

and then the three smaller panels with their smaller focus...

Thank you! I'll pass on your compliments to red_rahl, who helped me get Harry and Draco's positioning right. I had a lot of fun working on the details like the bottle of Firewhisky. :)
Really beautiful execution; I especially love the colouring and composition.

It breaks my heart for Ginny, I have to admit, but is perfect for you team. I imagine this scene taking place some time shortly after the epilogue.

I feel quite happy for the men, though. :D
Thank you! I was a little nervous focusing on Ginny, so I'm glad it worked for you. (Just after the epilogue was what I had in mind, too!)
That is beautiful - I love the details, like the photos on the wall and the discarded clothes. The expressions on their faces are perfect - Harry and Draco look so peaceful, and Ginny so... lost and resigned.

My only criticism would be that I found the three panels to the right a tiny bit confusing - I wasn't sure what order I was supposed to 'read' them in. My initial impression was that she was opening the door/putting the paper in the drawer - when really she's shutting the door/taking paper out, isn't she? But then that's quite possibly me being dumb, lol. The pictures themselves are lovely. Congratulations!
Thank you! The details were a lot of fun to draw (especially the family photos!).

I was a little worried about the side panels "reading" properly, too -- sorry that didn't work for you. Thanks for pointing it out, though. Knowing what's not working helps me plan the next piece. :)
Wonderfully done! The use of the light, the wonderful details: the bottle, the framed photos, Ginny's face, and over all, Ginny's hand (wow!!). I like how you have shown Ginny in this, quite far from the usual wrathful image: resignation, quiet dignity and, yes, probably still love. Very beautiful.
Thank you! I had a blast drawing the details (especially the family photos). I have a hard time writing Ginny off, as much as I love H/D, so it was nice to be able to focus on her. I'm glad it worked for you! :)
Oh man, it hurts; it hurts so much and I really liek this angle you've taken, putting it all in Ginny's PoV. No one deserves to see the person they love in a infidelity situation like that (no matter how OMG TRUE LOVE that infidelity situation is) and I love that you have Ginny taking the high road, reasonable and clever girl that she is. *wibbles*

Very nicely recreated in a typical Weasley-matter-of-fact way. And yet still, so sweetly painful. Fantastic!
Thank you! I was a little nervous about using Ginny's PoV -- I'm glad to worked for you. :)
The detail on this is really wonderful; I love the way the light spills through the door.
Thank you! The light from the doorway was the start of the whole thing. :)
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