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Ring A-Ring O' Roses - Team Canon

Title: Ring A-Ring O' Roses
Team: Team Canon
Author: melusinahp
Prompt: The Tower
Wordcount: 20k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: character deaths, EWE
Summary: Some demons are harder to banish than others.
Author's Note So much love and gratitude to my team members for all their help and encouragement.

Ring A-Ring O' Roses

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I really liked this!
Thank you so much! I'm very glad. :D
It left me breathless. Great job.
Awesome. I take that as a high compliment. Thank you!
Wow, I want more! I loved the way the mirror and tower were woven throughout and how they were the final setting; very cool. And the dynamic between our favorite duo? Awesome! Suspenseful and intriguing! Very well done!

*hugs* Can I tell you how awesome it was to have you on our team? No one was more supportive or had more team spirit. You are so great. :D

And thank you, lovely! I'm so glad you liked it.
Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it. :D
*grins* I'm thrilled that you liked it. Thank you so much.
It was very intense and interesting! I totally believed in Draco and Harry. Loved the plot with the mirror. But what I loved best was the small detail when Draco said "not bad" to Harry :) Thank you very much!

I think I know who you are...
I'm so happy to have finally written something you liked, I have to admit. Thanks so much for your lovely rec and review. I'm very glad you liked my fic. Interesing that you picked out that one detail. :D
I really liked this story. I loved that despite their immediate revulsion for one another there is still an inescapable sexual chemistry. This was very well done.

Thanks and Peace,

Thanks so much! I love that you got that from my fic. :D
What a beautifully painful and biting story. mmmm... biting... wall sex... I really appreciated the deft way you handled the plot, and the attraction and sparks and rawness between Harry and Draco. Very, very nicely done.
Oh, thank you! That's a lovely comment. I'm so glad you enjoyed those aspects in particular. :D
What a fantastic plot. Really well done. The Tower and the souls and trying to bring Voldemort back. gripping as all hell. The relationships between h/d was quite realistic, especially how they started out at the event and then in the cellar.
Thank you so much, hon. *hugs* Your comment made me very happy. I'm so glad you liked me fic and that you found the way their relationship developed to be believable. XXX


Where have you been??? This is the fic I have been waiting for.
Fantastic! Compelling. Incredibly Canon Harry and Draco.
The overall story, characters, themes, the push and pull of Harry & Draco, the repetition of canon, just incredible intense and rich writing.
*Best of the Fest* (well so far)
Finally a fic I can wholeheartedly rec!!!

I'm guessing I know who you are but am willing to be proved wrong;)

Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!!

So, yeah, your comment just about made my week when I got it. Thank you so much, lovely, and for the rec and for all the lovely things you said about this fic. I was just so thrilled that you liked it and that it worked for you. *hugs*
WOW. Oh, just wow. This was incredibly suspenseful, hot, and very very hot (TWO SEX SCENES (furious!sex and wall!sex. WALL!sex) = you rule the universe. FOREVER.). WOW. The last scene is still making my heart pound like I'd been watching an action movie. I love Draco here, and Harry, too, with his hero complex and Draco being... well, Draco. Oh gosh, and Harry's tenderness toward the end, letting Draco's heart rest on his lap *melts*

Thanks for such a delightful read! I really want to believe I know who you are, but I guess I'll see when the reveals go up :D
Oh yay! Your review made me so happy. :DDD I'm so glad you liked it, lovely, and thank you so much for your amazing comments. XXX
What a wonderful plot! The characterizations were very well done and the pacing of the story was perfect.
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it. :D
GUH. The first fic I read from this prompt and that was already SO MANY HOURS AGO but I couldn't get it out of my mind because it was just... GUH. The smut? You killed me with it. I don't even know what to say about them except that they are HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT.

That aside, the plot was amazing. It was so intense from the beginning to the end. I love how descriptive all the scenes were. The strike came very fast in the beginning and to watch both Harry and Draco's change and crumble in one evening was both heartbreaking but also amazing. That first scene set the right tone for the whole fic. And I'm not sure if you intended for your readers to cry but I did cry. Especially at the end. The ending was powerful. I seriously bow down to you.
Eeee! Oh, wow, thank you! I'm so happy I could provide, lol.

And while I wasn't specifically trying to make people cry, it is really good to know that my fic worked for you emotionally. That, more than anything, is what I try to achieve with my writing. So, yeah, thank you so much, lovely. XXX
How marvellous is this? Let me count the ways.

There are other stories in the fest I've liked as much, but none so far that I felt were such a blend of good writing, good match to the prompt, and good representation of their team. No, I'm not reading in order, so nobody else gets to take this personally.

To me, this is canon-esque H/D... neither of them expecting it; hot angry confused sex; Draco laughing mockingly afterwards, dear god. Oh, the pain. "Oh, Potter. You sweet thing." *curls up and dies a bit*

Combine that with the increasing upheaval and loss that is The Tower, and this story completely lives up to its place in the world cup. I think you managed to include the card's upright and reversed meanings both, though with the Tower it's harder to tell than with some others. But if it's essentially disaster upright, and being trapped by circumstances reversed, then... well done!

(I was so worried the Dementors would get Ginny. Thank goodness that didn't happen. I may not want her with Harry, but I don't want her annihilated either.)

Some of the characterizations I thought were spot-on: brittle Narcissa, self-righteous angry Ron, and a magnificent pre-Azkaban Bellatrix. Possessed!Draco was nicely chilling, although I was yelling at Harry from the first kiss on the chaise that Draco was going to steal his wand back. They never listen, do they?

Bella's Horcrux--what an excellent plot. And because Draco didn't know what happened second year, and because Harry didn't elaborate on it in the wine cellar, he had no way of knowing what was happening to him. But we can see it coming one excruciating step at a time.

Thank you! I knew I was reserving perfect scores for a reason....

Edited at 2008-04-18 08:00 am (UTC)
*blushes and grins*

Oh, hon. Thank you so much. What an amazingly lovely comment to receive. I wanted this particular prompt very badly, and I'm thrilled that you think I lived up to the challenge.

I worried about the Dementors and the lost souls, too. At first I thought I'd have to sacrifice at least a few, but the magic eventually worked itself out so that I didn't have to.

Ah ha ha. Poor Harry. I'm so happy that you liked the characterisation of the other characters, too. I do try. :D

Awesome comment. So much love. XXX
WOW, the person who recced this was NOT kidding - perfect characterizations, rip your heart out story, and all without dismissing Harry's Trio friendships or villifying anyone!
Hee. I'm very glad it lived up to your expectations. Thank you so much! XXX
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