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How Do You Mend a Broken Heart? - Team Epilogue

Title: How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?
Team: Team Epilogue
Author: mahaliem
Prompt: Empress
Wordcount: 26,532
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Language, sexual situations
Summary: In order to keep custody of his children, Draco needs to find a spouse that will shore up the Malfoy family's tattered reputation. But what starts off as a means to an end gets more complicated when Draco's target reawakens feelings in him that he hasn't had in a long while, and Draco starts to feel alive for the first time since his wife's death.
Author's Note Empress Prompt—Parenting, Nurturing, New Love, New Life.

Thank you to my betas—M, N, O, and fellow team members, with an extra-special note of gratitude to M.

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

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This is lovely ♥ I grinned all my way from the beginning until the end. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, heart-warming read.

This is one of those times I wish I could vote. :-D
Thank you so very much! I'm delighted that you liked it.
OMG!!!! THAT WAS LOVELY!!! Absolutely LOVELY!!! ♥♥♥

I'm sorry for all the caps, Draco made me do it. =DDD

*grins* Thank you!
I'm having trouble containing my girly squeeing.


I have so many good things to say about this fic it's overwhelming. Firstly, OMG every time Draco talked to Ron I cracked up like a crazy woman. I cannot believe Harry would do that to Ron. I CANNOT believe Draco actually believed him. LOL!! The dinner with Hermione and Ron was HILARIOUS. And omg, I had a mini panic attack when I realized counting the number of Draco's children requires more than one hand, LOL, you killed me. Oh my word, this fic was heartwarming and funny and romantic and angsty in all the right places. The last line of the fic and the last line from when Draco got out of his challenge = *melts*

My brain is all chaotic with endorphins right now, and I blame your fic for it. You are ♥ I can't possibly say anymore to express how in love I am with your fic, except, maybe ... can I marry your fic, please? <33
Thank you so much for the incredibly lovely and detailed feedback for my story. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to let me know that you enjoyed it and what worked best for you.
I LOVE this fic! It's so perfect. I loved every time Harry's attempts to be noble and do the right thing were cut off. I loved every instance of Draco's cunning and his unstoppable strategy. I loved the way both of them interacted with each others' children. I loved Draco speaking in CAPITAL LETTERS to Ron :D I loved Harry's insecurity and Draco's temper. I loved the plot and the humor and the heart in it. I was smiling so big through all of it. Wonderful!
I loved the plot and the humor and the heart in it.

Thank you! That means so much to me.
That was simply wonderful. Well done!
Thank you!
What a nice story. I laughed so many times to count and it really made my day brighter.
Now, let me tell you I completely loved Draco as a dad. The things he said to his children were really funny and reminded me how I talk to my child sometimes. Of course all in the spirit of love.
Harry was to die for and I have to mention Draco speaking to Ron was hilarious.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful gem
*grins* I just replied to your comment at my journal and now am thanking you again for the feedback. So very glad you liked it.
Thank you!
I love this story! Totally engaging and funny and warm and lovely...

Besides the fantastic characterizations of Draco and Harry, there were so many other things that I adored about this fic: Ron's reactions to everything, Draco's children, Harry being driven to absolute distraction by Draco's kisses and Draco's meltdowns when faced with an in-charge Harry, everything about Lucius, the nice little hint of a possible AS/S relationship (I can't fault your taste. I mean, he's a more wrinkled version of Albus,..., just...everything.

I'm delighted that you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the lovely feedback!
This has got to be one of my favorite stories of all time. (And that's saying a whole lot.) I've never read an "epilogue compliant" fic that was so much fun, and funny. I absolutely love Draco as a father - though I must admit my surprise when I needed to go back and reread to count all his children. Draco's interactions with his children were brilliant - and their (the children's) distinct personalitites brought a big goofy smile to my face. There's so much I loved about this fic; Draco's cunning, the characterizations and interactions with their friends, the children's reaction to Harry (the git/prat), James' crushes, Draco's reaction and resolution to a Hufflepuff child. I really like the way you portrayed Draco's deep love for his children while maintaining his sarcastic snarkiness. It makes me want to see more of Big Family Father!Draco. The ending complete with death threat competition was brilliant. To summarize; I loved this from the first word to the last. As a matter of fact I think I'll go reread it.
If I could rate it higher than a 9, I certainly would.
Kudos to you.
I really like the way you portrayed Draco's deep love for his children while maintaining his sarcastic snarkiness.<.i>

Oh, thank you so much! I'm especially pleased that worked for you. I loved the idea of Draco surrounded by bright-headed children and had to write it. And, as we know, for Malfoys family is everything.
So Harry did marry Molly Weasley only in reverse. I think there were six girls and one boy :)

Really a fun read and how Slytherin of Draco not to tell Harry why he originally chatted him up.

I loved the older kids spouting back what Draco had called Harry in the past and screaming stones were a nice touch.

Lots of fun and very sweet moments.
So Harry did marry Molly Weasley only in reverse.

He did! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much!
I'm delighted that you enjoyed my story. Thank you!
You got me. It's so rare for people to actually tap into the Harry that gives me weak knees and makes me giggle like an idiot, but you found him. I apparently have in common with Draco the fact that we love Possessive!Harry. Since he gotten older, I've just... ugh, older!Possessive!Harry just... oh. Oh.

Are you sure you don't know me? That you haven't read my soul? Because, other than Harry, Oliver Wood is also my other perverse obsession. How did you manage to hit on that, as well?

I'm also just going to tell myself that Draco was the bottom, as I can't really handle older!Bottom!Harry. Please do not correct me if I am wrong. In my world, Harry is possessive, salt-and-pepper-sexy, and Draco is a pregnant bottom. That's the conclusion to this fic in my mind.

I also love Lucius in this fic. I love how handing him his granddaughter is the trump to even his game.

I would say more, and I might one day when I possibly reread this when my brain is more awake, but... I have been studying statistics for a few odd... days, and I need a nap. So.

Thank you for such lovely feedback. Possessive Harry is a kink of mine, too. And I'm delighted that you liked my Lucius.
Your fic is my favorite so far. Well written, great characterization...humor..angst (minor)..
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much!
This was just lovely! This was the first of the worldcup fics I've commented on--it touched me that much! This may rank as one of my favorite H/D fics of all time (and I don't normally like epilogue-compliant fics). Thanks for the wonderful story.
I'm delighted and flattered that you enjoyed my story. Thank you!
I just feel the need to comment now when I'm still in the middle of the story. It's hilarious. When I first realised that Draco was a single father of seven, I though WTF? Crack? Not quite crack but it's still too damn funny.

It was at that moment Feely, the house-elf announced the arrival of Mr. Harry Potter and ushered him in.

All eyes went to Potter's stomach.

It's killed me. But I'll rise and come back later.
Comment the second.

96% sure I know who you are. I leave 4% for making *very* sure :)
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