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A Dark Place in Time - Team Canon

Title: A Dark Place in Time
Team: Canon
Author: cutecoati
Prompt: The Empress
Wordcount: ~ 9000
Rating: PG
Warnings: EWE
Summary: What on earth was her son thinking, falling for Harry Potter of all people, Narcissa wonders. But after the death of her husband, she finds him useful in many, and sometimes surprising, regards.
Author's Note: Many thanks to my wonderful beta S. All remaining mistakes are mine.

A Dark Place in Time

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Heart-wrenchingly beautiful. The pain of loss is palpable in your writing, and the anger at those around you carrying on, as though this isn't the most important thing in the world.

Great take on Narcissa, and all her upper-class prejudices. Your descriptions capture the essence of a mother, wanting the best for her child. I like that you show her gradually recognise that Harry is, in fact, right for Draco, and that they love each other, and finally accept that.
Thank you so much!! *hugs*

I'm so happy that my Narcissa rang true to you - at the end of the day, she would do anything, accept anyone, for the sake of her son, wouldn't she? (and, had he lived, she'd eventually made Lucius accept Harry too ;)

January 2010

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