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A Dark Place in Time - Team Canon

Title: A Dark Place in Time
Team: Canon
Author: cutecoati
Prompt: The Empress
Wordcount: ~ 9000
Rating: PG
Warnings: EWE
Summary: What on earth was her son thinking, falling for Harry Potter of all people, Narcissa wonders. But after the death of her husband, she finds him useful in many, and sometimes surprising, regards.
Author's Note: Many thanks to my wonderful beta S. All remaining mistakes are mine.

A Dark Place in Time

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What a fascinating peak into the Malfoys, and into Harry and Draco's relationship, as well. I thought they were very canon: Harry's somewhat bumbling nature, but clear when it matters, and Draco angry and sensitive. Gosh, they're so canon I don't rightly know how they stay together. But your story isn't about why they fell in love; it's about a make or break moment in the relationship. I adored Narcissa's memories. I think you would do well to write more about this Lucius and Narcissa. Ever consider doing a story on the Black sisters? I'm dying to read a good one (know of any?) and I think you'd do well to write it.
Thank you so much!

And I'm particularly glad you thought my boys were canon! IMO, they really are very different in their disposition which would make their relationship a very difficult one, one which they have to work on ceaselessly - but then, I also think that, if they do so, it could be very a gratifying and happy one too *clings to OTP*

Ohhh, the Black sisters! Actually, I'd love to do a story on them! *ponders* (For a terrific Bellatrix, check out melusinahp's fics, no one writes Bella like she does!)

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