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A Dark Place in Time - Team Canon

Title: A Dark Place in Time
Team: Canon
Author: cutecoati
Prompt: The Empress
Wordcount: ~ 9000
Rating: PG
Warnings: EWE
Summary: What on earth was her son thinking, falling for Harry Potter of all people, Narcissa wonders. But after the death of her husband, she finds him useful in many, and sometimes surprising, regards.
Author's Note: Many thanks to my wonderful beta S. All remaining mistakes are mine.

A Dark Place in TimeCollapse )


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Ooh, lookit this! Narcissa's POV, this is different and cool! And definitely appropriate, given the prompt.
I love how deeply, deeply emotional Narcissa is, like the unabridled hatred she feels towards Harry's knuckle cracking (can't say I blame her....)
Memories of Draco's father flash through her mind; young Lucius working hard to get his volatile temper under control upon realising that he gets quite honest when he's angry, barking out truths he'd never say consciously; truths like because I love you, you obnoxious girl.
I love this. You've done such a wonderful character development into Narcissa, one of the most in-depth I've ever seen, especially considering the length of the fic.
This is so powerfully written.
You know, it never occured to me that talking mirrors were totally reminiscent of the Mirror Mirror on the Wall, until right now.
oh Lucius, Lucius. You would have loved it, wouldn't you? You'd have relished in their embarrassment and reluctance, giving a damn about debts and whether they meant it seriously or not, you'd have rejoiced at bending them to your will for one last time; it's really as if they remembered two different men, her husband and Draco's father.
And also a wonderful study into Lucius' character.
I was afraid this might become to Narcissa-centric (Narcissistic? har har?) but then you bring in wonderful touches like the boys' getting caught in the garden (and their responses! so canon! so wonderful!)
I'm glad you added in a brief note of Teddy, these little hints about the last ten years that you drop are poignant and wonderful.
Potter shifts in his sleep, causing Draco's hand to slip off his shoulder. Draco stirs and mewls like a kitten, nuzzling his chin against Potter's collarbone, and Potter's hand goes up, grabbing and clutching and holding Draco's, intertwining their fingers so closely that nothing in this world could ever separate them. And Draco gives a contented sigh, and relaxes against Harry.
I melted. No, really, I am a puddle.

I did get the overall feeling that this was more a Malfoys or even Narcissa/Lucius sort of story than H/D, though that ending was pure perfection. And I guess it's fully H/D too, seeing how they work together and fight and love through this... well, dark place in time (good title, by the way).
Beautiful, just beautiful and wonderful.
Aw, thank you so very much for the wonderful comment, it means so much to me! *beams at you*

I've to admit that I had to really struggle with the damn woman to keep her from taking over the story, but she insisted on

I've always (well, at least since being a H/D shipper ;) wondered how Narcissa would react to Harry being the significant other in Draco's life - but somehow, I can't imagine her not eventually accept him for the sake of her son. And as soon as somebody's family for her, she'd do anything for this person...

*hugs you*
That was amazing. I really liked that it was from Narcissa's point-of-view, very relevant to your prompt. Her emotions were so genuine, and your writing was very, very good. That said, while I found this story very enjoyable, we saw so very little of Harry and Draco, and so your point-of-view was a drawback, in that respect. But that has more to do with personal taste than anything else.
Thank you so much!

While writing, I was worrying that Narcissa would take over the story, but she didn't allow me to write it differently ;D
very nice
Thank you! *beams*
Really liked Narcissa's POV and the way you described the relationship between Harry and Draco. I think they were very canon.

I loved the scene at the Ministry when Harry and Narcissa talked and the whole way Harry reacted to Lucius dead.

Lovely story!
Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! *beams*
Very nicely done! Thank you!
Thank you so much!


Fantastic Narcissa POV, and a beautiful story! I loved it. ♥
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! *hugs*
Fantastic story with amazing canon portrayals of the characters. I am so amazed that this is still very much a Harry/Draco story despite it being mainly from Narcissa's point of view. The ending is just beautiful... powerful. I was really tense throughout the whole story until I read the last part where Narcissa felt relief. I felt relieved too. Gorgeous!
Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

I had to throw a few menacing glares at Narcissa to keep her from taking over the whole story ;D
OMG, WOW that was a brilliant use of unexpected point-of-view to tell a wonderful story! Amazing! I loved how fully-fleshed Narcissa was and how we saw Harry and Draco so clearly through her. I love the way H&D act when they're together and when they're alone talking to Narcissa. And that they get caught, LOL! I loved it, very well done!

Thank you so much, dear!

I love writing (and reading) H/D from outsider POVs, and I'm so happy that my characters worked for you (and that I kept dear dominant Cissy from totally taking over the story... ;D)

(We were a terrific team, weren't we? ;)
You've really captured the complexities of grief here, so tender and needy, but defiantly trying to be strong and lashing out to protect yourself. I saw a bit of myself in both Narcissa and Draco, and found Harry's eagerness to please, to do something very true to his character.

This was so beautifully written and lovely to see something from Narcissa's point of view. Excellent work, anon.
Aw, thank you so much! *beams*

Actually, I thought about using a less significant incident than Lucius' death first, but then... grief reveals so much about people, doesn't it?

*hugs you*
Aw, thank you so much, dear! I'm so happy you liked it!

I think that sometimes, grief makes you see other emotions/feelings more clearly...

Poor Narcissa, being stuck with such a clumsy son-in-law (well, sort of) ;D But seriously, I think the way she is portrayed in the books, she'd eventually accept anyone as long as he makes her son happy.



This was very moving. Thank you so much for this oddly hopeful story of grief. Well done with the characterizations as well. They are just right, and very believable.

Re: Lovely!

oddly hopeful story of grief

*beams* That's exactly what I wanted to achieve! Thank you so much, dear, and I'm glad that my characters rang true to you! ♥
That was beautiful. Beautiful and sad and it had me tearing up during the last part. After so many purely H/D fics, it was great to see a fic focussing on Narcissa, and her wonderfully perceptive, tart and compassionate observation of Harry and Draco and their relationship. But I loved even more how it explored her own character, and the grief she's feeling came across extremely well.

I did not quite grasp at the beginning that it was an established relationship we were seeing, and that made getting into the story even more intriguing. wonderful in-character portrayals of both Draco and Harry, I thought. Draco's helpless anger was *very* believable, as was Harry's exasperation and frustration with it. I loved how they both tried to protect Narcissa, who, despite grief, seemed stronger and more observant than both.

And while it was an emotional wringer of a fic, it was very sparse on actual emotional drama, achieving its effect with clever scenes and descriptions.

There were a number of small bits that I just loved so much - the encounter between Narcissa and Kingsley in the Ministry, or "Teddy's quite inexplicable adoration" for Lucius (my inner Lucius-lover just melted at that). And the beautiful image of Harry and Draco exhausted on the sofa. I went all goey over

Draco stirs and mewls like a kitten, nuzzling his chin against Potter's collarbone,.

And the ending was beautiful.

I really liked what you did with this story, both the Narcissafic and the look into Harry's and Draco's troubled relationship. But mostly the Narcissafic ;). Recced, for obvious reasons.
Thank you so, so much, dear, for this wonderful comment that made me all *squeee*, and the rec!! ♥

I've to admit that I had to struggle hard to prevent it from turning into a mere Narcissafic - the woman's quite dominant, and that dead husband of hers kept demanding his share of screen time as well ;D

who, despite grief, seemed stronger and more observant than both

Well, she's a woman... *g*
I absolutely adore fic that explores the Malfoy family. Teir dynamic, character, history everything! I have a weakness for this family because we know so little of them. This take of Narcissa is beautiful. Her loss and pain are just so...you've done it so well!
Thank you so much! ♥

I love the Malfoys - they might be a bunch of arrogant snobs, but they're a real family (I'd rather have three Narcissas instead of one Molly Weasley!).
Wonderful! I loved seeing H/D from a fresh perspective, but I liked the way the fic was more than that too -- it was very much about Narcissa and her family and her grief. Well done.
Thank you so much! *beams*

Actually, I had to struggle hard to keep Narcissa from taking over the whole story. She's one dominating woman... ;D
"Moments of perfection, she thinks with a pang, if only for an instant, how little value we attach to them while experiencing them, and how much we long for them when they're gone forever. And if we've destroyed them out of sheer ignorance, the yearning becomes unbearable."

Wow. Really beautiful. Beautiful writing and truly painful and accurate portrait of grief. I love how human, real and completely in character you wrote Narcissa. I love how you demonstrated her thought process without explicitly writing it out.

The ending was wonderful, so sad, so moving and such a relief at the same time. Well done. :)
Thank you so much, dear! *hugs*

I think that what we know from canon, Narcissa would (eventually) accept anyone who makes her son happy - and once someone is accepted into the Malfoy family, they're family.
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