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Breaking all the Rules - Team Epilogue

Title: Breaking all the Rules
Team: Epilogue
Author: frayach
Prompt: The Hierophant
Wordcount: 22,800
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Crack!fic, swinging, boys in pink knickers and kitty-ears, rimming, and a couple exceedingly brief het sex scenes
Summary: Malfoy is slowly wringing the last vestiges of pleasure from Harry’s life with all his rules and committees and agendas and reports. Or is he?

Breaking all the Rules

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... God. This was so hot and so hilarious and so hilariously hot. I was squeaking throughout the entire kitty/pink knickers sex scene and grinning through all the rest and its crackiness. Harry was such a horny guy (fantasizing at the neighborhood meeting? oh, Harry), kinky without actually being kinky, and Draco was so upright and anal and easily offended and sexily slinky.

I really liked your enthusiastic embrace of the epilogue, if one could call it that - where infidelity isn't the problem, as such, given how any and all extramarital sex is allowed (if bounded). :) Of course, this only goes to emphasize the rules that Harry and Draco break that, ultimately, have nothing to do with the sex itself (as hot as it is).

*is a sap, clearly*

Also? Sugar plums. And:

♥ ♥ Utilitarian, unsexy pink knickers ♥ ♥

Oh God. *laughs*

Breaking All The Rules

Well, you know where the inspiration came from, my dear :D :D We should have more late-night cracky smutty LJ conversations when you get home.

*loves you*

January 2010

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