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Breaking all the Rules - Team Epilogue

Title: Breaking all the Rules
Team: Epilogue
Author: frayach
Prompt: The Hierophant
Wordcount: 22,800
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Crack!fic, swinging, boys in pink knickers and kitty-ears, rimming, and a couple exceedingly brief het sex scenes
Summary: Malfoy is slowly wringing the last vestiges of pleasure from Harry’s life with all his rules and committees and agendas and reports. Or is he?

Breaking all the Rules

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I laughed my way all through this one! It reads like the bastard child of 1970's John Updike and JKR, with its contrasting images of drab suburban daily life and the uninhibited spouse-swapping sex that goes on as scheduled at the club. This has to be the most canon portrayal of Harry and Ginny's marriage I've ever seen. Ginny was wild at Hogwarts; if she's ever going to settle in the suburbs, she'd be a suburban swinger like she is in your fic. And I can definitely see Draco as an uptight yet decidedly kinky lawyer. He's well aware of the maxim that you have to know the rules in order to break them, and I love how he illustrates that here.

This fic has ensured that I will never feel the same way about cheap pink nylon again. Especially when it's the only barrier between Harry's tongue and Draco's most delicate flesh. *melts*
Hey lawyer-lady! Look at me being all due diligence and replying to my HDWC comments (LOL, that was a joke, in case you'd hadn't noticed) :D :D
LOL, I need to exercise some of that due diligence myself!

January 2010

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