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Time For Later - Team Canon

Title: Time For Later
Team: Canon
Author: khateh
Prompt: The Hierophant
Wordcount: 15.500
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Summary: When he goes with Al to Egypt on holiday, Harry finds more than he ever expected and learns that people change, sometimes for the better.
Author's Note: You know how to solve your problem, the Hierophant says; it is not easy, not a quick fix, but it is do-able.

A big thank you to my betas.

Time For Later

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I liked this very much. One thing that was not clear to me; if they had to use the cure for Harry, was there also enough left to cure Scorpius?
I understood that the potion part of the cure was given to Scorpius before he left the city, then Draco did the spell part as they were running out.
Oh, that was so sweet. I love it when the children appear in the fic ♥
Thank you :)
Wonderful work. A thrilling adventure, foreign landscapes, different environment, and still you manage to keep the 'essence' of the Potterverse. Draco's lifelong quest of his grail (the cure for his son) is heartbreaking, over all after finding it and having it denied. I'm happy they find the force to work and fight together in preserving the lives of their sons. And the ending is so 'them' "I didn't know if I was going to punch you or kiss you when I saw you." A delicious read!!
Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed the fic :)
That was very interesting! Pissed as I am that most of the stories are so long that I barely manage to keep up with the fest, I wish this one was longer and more detailed. You painted a lovely picture, in this exotic location, with the hidden magical city, so I'd love to see more of it :)

Thank you!
Thank you :)
I had a more complex idea for the time they spent in the city, and I might use it one day for an alternate fic in this universe.
I really enjoyed the adventure to the hidden city. My favourite part was the relationship between Scorpius and Harry. It was through him that Harry learned more about Draco and about his own son, Al.

I was curious if there was more to Bill and Draco's relationship. It was hinted at but I wasn't quite sure.

The scene of Draco waking up draped over Harry was really sweet. :)

the relationship between Scorpius and Harry. It was through him that Harry learned more about Draco and about his own son, Al.
This was the idea that I followed through this fic. I really wanted Scorpius to be the one to make Harry see Draco as the man he is and not the boy he used to be.

I was curious if there was more to Bill and Draco's relationship. It was hinted at but I wasn't quite sure.
You read my mind ^_^ I wanted to have more of that, but the plot in this for refused to allow it. I have a few ideas for the time they spent in the city - an alternate version of sorts - and I'm considering writing it someday. If I do, I'll include this part, too :)
Oh god, oh god, this was so exciting! I love the foreign setting and exotic magical backgrounds... a hidden city inside of a pyramid!

I love how this is an epilogue-compliant story so that there's Albus and Scorpius. My heart was beating so fast at Harry and Draco's predicaments with their their respective sons. Both of them needed healing, Albus a short-term cure and Scorpius a long-term cure. Harry and Scorpius' relationship is smile-inducing one. <3

Urgh, and I just knew Harry would get bitten someone because he's such a Gryffindor and refuses to listen to Draco like that. That made me kind of angry but in the end, when he was all right again, thanks to Draco, I just felt so relieved. I know exactly how Draco feels then.

But... Draco sleeping draped over Harry! ... I wanted more of that! <3 It's a good thing this story was the first one I read because it left me wanting more of everything and the other stories managed to cure that. :P Anyway, good job!
Thank you :)

I love Al and Scorpius and I wanted to have Harry and Draco as loving parents, and I'm glad that you enjoyed their adventure :)

But... Draco sleeping draped over Harry! ... I wanted more of that!
They couldn't get to friendly considering the danger they were in ^_^ I assure you there was more than that later, in the camp ;)
I love the way you created a whole new magical world here and made it interesting and believable. The idea of other wizarding cultures fascinates me. Your Scorpius was adorable. I just loved him so much. I also thought Harry and Draco's attraction/relationship was built in a truly believable way--subtle but ultimately moving.

"We'll have time for that later." I loved that line. I also loved how you took a very dramatic and emotional story and never overplayed it.

Really loved this. XXX
♥ Thank you my dear, for your wonderful comment and your support and help.
I loved the Egypt as a background for this fic. The setting really raised this fic to another level. I love close-mouthed Draco and how lost Harry was when he couldn't be part of the saving. The relationship with Harry and Scorpius was a nice relief to no one talking to Harry.

I would have loved one more scene with Draco and Harry coming to a better understanding, but over all great story. great story telling.
Thank you :)
The ending is something I'll work on for the re-post ^_^ I'll try to make things clear about the cure and show that Draco and Harry get together.
Oh, I did enjoy this story. Well written and very interesting.

I liked the back drop of the dig, the pyramid and the hidden city. I also liked that both men were so concerned about their sons, and that they ended up coming together in a slow and believable way.

Well done.
Thank you :)
Thank you :)
even though i'm commenting on this right after i read it, it's also at the end of a heap of comments i've just left on all the other fics i've read in the fest, so if i'm less than coherent, i apologise.

anyway, this was really an interesting read, so much detail in the underground city (and i have a feeling i may know who wrote this because of that [*grins*]). i loved still-ic-caring-father!draco and wonderful scorpius.

i was disappointed that we didn't get to see cured!scorpius in any way that assured us that draco didn't have to use all the potion on harry because of his hero instincts. i assumed from the last lines that he did get to cure them both.

still, all in all a nice after-work read. [*nods*]
Thank you :)
Draco did get to cure both of them, because he made more potion than was necessary back in the city. I will work on the ending for the re-post and I hope you'll like the addition :)

i have a feeling i may know who wrote this because of that
Did you think of me? ^_^
This – this made Harry feel as he did when he first entered Diagon Alley: curious, small, and inappropriate.
Well written line.
Oooh!!! Magical hidden pyramid city! So cool!!
Scorpuis seems very mature for his age, but in a very believable fashion, given that he has a terminal disease and all.
Mmm, I liked reading their potions-making scene, it was almost a throwback to schooldays, except oh so wonderfully different.
"We'll have time for that later," Malfoy said softly, then turned his attention back to the cauldron.
Oh, I love this. I love that Draco totally saw right inside Harry's head and.... mmmmmm.
He opened his eyes, looked at Harry, and moved away slowly. "I'm sorry, I'm not... I'm not used to—" and then he turned and saw Scorpius smiling at them. "Merlin," he whispered and blushed to the top of his ears.
Eeep! I love cute embarassed morning!Draco! It's such a well-expressed scene :)

This was a very well-excecuted, well written story. And I can definitely see slivers of the Heirophant 'round the edges. Well done, well done.
Thank you very much for your review. It was great for em to read it and know exactly what you liked and that some of the things i worried about worked for you :)
Thank you
Mmm ... I love the idea of a hidden magical city inside a pyramid, and that they have magical healing abilities found nowhere else. Egypt is such an awesome setting for a fic ... and I loved how Harry portrayed himself as a lover of books, just to escape the boredom. :D

Having their relationship build slowly, as they both focused on their children, recognising that they were fathers first, and there'd be "time for that later" was great. Of course, as a father, Draco would dedicate his life to finding a cure for Scorpius.

This was a really enjoyable fic.
Thank you very much :)
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