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Reaching for Redemption - Team Fanon

Title: Reaching for Redemption
Team: Fanon
Artist: oldenuf2nb
Prompt: Coins
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, Sexual situations, nudity
Summary: Draco’s evolution from self-destruction to redemption. Utilizing the Tarot suit Coins, to show not only his material concerns, but his emotional ones as well.
Artist's Note To the chat ladies and my muse: Much Love. See ya in Vegas!

Reaching for Redemption

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And we give you ... rentboy!Draco.

Okay, may I just say how unbelievably sexy/gorgeous/hot Draco is in the first scene? *melts*

What a great use of the prompt, and I love how you have the coins floating through each of the scenes. And the story from self-destruction to redemption was excellent. The little details said so much too (the run-down building, Draco in the closet, the intertwined lion and snake on the coin at the end).

Great job.

Edited at 2008-04-12 01:02 pm (UTC)

-cheers- I agree. :) You played it up very nicely.
It's hard not to play up such a gorgeous set of pictures. *nods*
Thank you, sesheta. I appreciate that!
Seriously ... so much emotion came through in this, besides how stunning the art itself was. Awesome, awesome job!
Thanks so much again!

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