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Reaching for Redemption - Team Fanon

Title: Reaching for Redemption
Team: Fanon
Artist: oldenuf2nb
Prompt: Coins
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, Sexual situations, nudity
Summary: Draco’s evolution from self-destruction to redemption. Utilizing the Tarot suit Coins, to show not only his material concerns, but his emotional ones as well.
Artist's Note To the chat ladies and my muse: Much Love. See ya in Vegas!

Reaching for RedemptionCollapse )


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Wow. I'm blown away by how absolutely stunning that was. Brilliant!
Thank you!
That was a beautiful piece.

Edited at 2008-04-12 04:31 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! *love your icon, btw*
These were beautiful. I loved your compositions, particularly the way you framed each one, often cutting off bits or slicing the rectangle in two. :D Also, your Draco is so lovely and, somehow, innocent in these ("fresh-faced" might be the strange turn of phrase I'm thinking off), which really adds a nice visual contrast to the story you're telling... what with all that money and those sexual favors being exchanged. ;)

Great, great job! ♥
Thank you!
Thank you.
Gad, each frame is wonderful. The "Want Me" and "Take Me" just...whew!
Thanks, love!
Watercolor, WOW! I love that you showed a strong story through many cards; very nice. "Save Me" is my favorite just because of the anguish in his face and the desperate reaching of the hands. I love the lion and serpent in the Ace of Coins card, nice detail! :D
Can I tell you how tickled I was that you commented, squeeing fangirl that I am?

Thank you for the kind words.

Actually, your piece was MY favorite of the lot.
Wow. I always love it when there's a story behind an art-piece. It was truly beautiful, and I wish someone wrote a fic about it! *g*

Very perceptive, artful, and deliberative use of the prompt.

The Six Ace of coins rules! *g*
Hmmm... I may have to write that fic, now that you mention it!

And thank you, so much.
Gorgeous and imaginative ♥♥♥
Thank you.
Oh, wonderful. The tale in this! I love how Harry looks more like an Auror on stakeout than a john looking for a trick, all bundled up, all awkward. And the prettiness of Draco in the second, contrasted with the squalor of the room as shown by the hole in the window glass. And the continued squalor of the scene, even as passion overtakes everything we see, wow. I adore the detail of the two bare wire hangers in the closet!! (Do you know, I read that that's an element that cheap little motels make sure they do keep in the room, because they've got some purpose drug users want them for, and if they aren't there, drug users will tear up other things in the room like television cords or bed frames to get something equivalent. So, yeah, that hit me with the realism.) The angry tear by Draco's nose has me, just has me. And the "sunfire" look of the ace, with the lion emblem, enfolding these two and the redemption it offers. Just wonderful!
Thank you, so much, for the kind words.

Being on the same team with you was an honor.
your art, the play with shadows is impressive...
Thank you so much.
Wow, were these gorgeous. Your Draco looks so vulnerable, in need of redemption (Of course, if he were to hear me say that I'd be murdered.) I feel like we have a complete story.
Thank you so much.
Really gorgeously told story here.
Thank you, love.
Wow!! I've been waiting for something from Fanon with a rentboy!Draco, and this absolutely delivered. I really like your use of the cards, and selective use of colour. I can't pick a favourite because they're all so awesome!!

One of my favourite details though is how Draco's toes are curled in the six. Very hot!
Thank you so much!
Oh my WORD THIS IS lfhsadlfawjhf *squee* *fangirls* *glomps*

Okay, I'm going to put away all the squealing and see if I can form a more coherent comment of love for this.

Want me: Draco strutting down the stairs all confident, and Harry standing there looking a tad lost in his detective!coat. So suave and sensual. It sort of reminds me of the movie/book The Outsiders. You basically got me on this one.
Buy me: What captures my attention here is Draco's body contortion. I couldn't stop staring at it because it was ... awkward, and I LOVE awkward looking arts; they make me stare at them forever and not get bored. Secondly, I would like to say that Draco looks very... bendy ;)
Take me: HOLY ****. This is hawtness in pure form. The shading that accentuates Harry's muscles = WOW. I could almost see the rippling of his back and shoulder muscles as he moves. Draco's expression got me seriously wanting to, I don't know, join in? XD
Help me: This really pulls at my heartstrings. Draco hiding in the closet is just so helpless and bitter and heartbreaking. It really emphasizes the idea of having nowhere to turn to and really brings the concept of poverty into the picture. Here I also notice that Draco lives in a run-down place. And I saw the contrast in the 'want me' card and this card, the confidence that Draco projects, and the helplessness that he tries to hide. It is so incredibly Draco to put on a facade. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
Save me: The perspective of their hands is beautiful. I truly feel like Harry is reaching out from above and pulling Draco up from whatever dark place he is. And the anguish expression on Draco's face is so real that for a moment he FEELS like a real person.
Redeem me: Perfect ending for a perfectly beautiful piece of art. Draco looks as if he's prepared to let go and allow Harry to help him weather his storms, and Harry looks so ready to just protect and possess him. *shudders*

Mysterious artist, whoever you are, you sold me. I am absolutely in LOVE with this. Thanks much for such an eyecandy ♥
And thank you for such a lovely, comprehensive comment. I'm so glad that you liked it!
I like how you broke apart each card into a frame that told a story with the suit. Very interesting.
Thank you.
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