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Reaching for Redemption - Team Fanon

Title: Reaching for Redemption
Team: Fanon
Artist: oldenuf2nb
Prompt: Coins
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, Sexual situations, nudity
Summary: Draco’s evolution from self-destruction to redemption. Utilizing the Tarot suit Coins, to show not only his material concerns, but his emotional ones as well.
Artist's Note To the chat ladies and my muse: Much Love. See ya in Vegas!

Reaching for Redemption

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Oh my! What lovely vignettes! Beautiful job!
Thank you!
I really like the idea of telling a story using the different meanings in the suit of coins. I think my favourite card is the seven of coins. You've captured the sense of despair so well.
Thank you, Cal. I appreciate that so much.
And we give you ... rentboy!Draco.

Okay, may I just say how unbelievably sexy/gorgeous/hot Draco is in the first scene? *melts*

What a great use of the prompt, and I love how you have the coins floating through each of the scenes. And the story from self-destruction to redemption was excellent. The little details said so much too (the run-down building, Draco in the closet, the intertwined lion and snake on the coin at the end).

Great job.

Edited at 2008-04-12 01:02 pm (UTC)

-cheers- I agree. :) You played it up very nicely.
I can't stop looking at the cards. They're simply gorgeous. Excellent, excellent job. xD
Thank you so much!
These are lovely, I particularly adore cards 6, 5 and 7.
Thank you!
Absolutely stunning! I love each panel and how more colour has been added as you go until the last panel shines golden! I think my favourite panel is the six of coins - not so much because it's the NC-17 panel, but it's the pivotal one where it's clear from the way Draco has been drawn that the sex means something to him. You can see it in the way his toes are curled and his head thrown back. Utterly gorgeous and a very moving story.

Edited at 2008-04-12 01:53 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Jamie.
That was nice!
This art is so complete in every sense of the way; it's so fanon and uses the prompt extremely well. And the quality of the drawing is excellent! My favorite is Five of Coins and Ace of Coins, for both style and meaning. As for the Eight of Coins...WOW. Gorgeous Harry and Draco there. Good job!
Thank you so much!
Damn, I could write a complete essay on why I love this so very much. Every single panel tells it's own story, but when you put them all together it tells so much more. There's so much emotion, thought, insight in each and every picture and the gradual change from black and white to color is so subtle and yet so complete as is the transition from the dirty, littered alley to the worn down room to the clean, golden, gleaming finish.

*sighs happily*

This is just the epitome of the way I see H/D. Perfect. :-)
Thank you, my love. High praise indeed.
wow, this is so lovely. The use of the cards, the soft touch of the technique (real watercolour?), the limited palette, and my favorite detail, the snake & lion coin!
Acrylic, but real, yes. I'm afraid that the 'modern techniques' havent' quite reached me yet! And thank you so much!
Beautiful execution. They really looked like tarot cards. I also loved how you used different cards and their meaning to tell the story. And so very fanon. :D I think your team must have had a hell of a lot of fun coming up with ideas.

I love the last card particularly. It feels so exultant.
Thank you so much.
Wow, that is lovely. I want the whole deck. Draco's despair in 5&7 is so palpable. I love the transition of b&w into color - it captures the feel of something evolving. The last coin w/the serpant entwined with the lion is a wonderful detail. Great job!
Thanks, love.
Wow, these are just gorgeous. I love that you've done a series of cards, and that each card can stand on it's own, but together tell one of my favorite fanon cliches rentboy!Draco. And god, your Draco is just lovely. I think seven was my favorite, but I love them all. Amazing work, I want a print of the entire set to frame.
Thank you so much!

Reaching for Redemption

This is a perfect picture/story of rentboy!Draco.

I love that you did a whole series of cards. I can only second what has been said before about the adding of colour and wanting the whole set.

Re: Reaching for Redemption

Thanks so much!
I'll eat my sorting hat if this isn't who I think it is.

Superb work. Each panel has been beautifully rendered and I like the use of the confined space of the wardrobe to show Draco's despair (made me think of young Harry in his cupboard) and the golden glow of the last panel once Draco had been rescued.

*scurries off to read my fave rurounihime rent boy fic*
No surprise to you, huh? *g*

Thanks so much, my dear.
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