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Jan. 3rd, 2010

hdc: modsquad


Mod Announcement

We've had quite a few inquiries so I thought I would state this unequivocally -

The hd_worldcup has had two amazing rounds with some of the best Harry/Draco works ever produced.

Unfortunately, it has run its course and will not be continuing whether under my moderation or someone else's. There are plenty of fests out there and we are not interested in adding to those numbers. Please do go out and check out some of the great fanworks being produced in those fests.

I definitely urge you to go back through the archives and take a look at all the amazing submissions and leave a spot of love for the artists and authors that made the games amazing. Now's your opportunity to catch up on all the offerings from before.


May. 18th, 2009

hd world cup


The Results!

The Results!

Before we announce the winners, the mods wanted to take a minute to thank each and every one of our participants for the second round of the H/D World Cup. We appreciate every one of you whether you submitted a work, you commented, you rec'd, you squeed, you voted or you cheered on your favorite team. We've worked hard to ensure an environment that rewarded watchers as much as the "athletes" and everyone certainly came through.

One of the new additions to the World Cup this year was the addition of the Seeker position. Each team chose one author and one artist. We would, now, like to reveal the Seekers for each team.

For Team AU:

The Artist Seeker: reira_21

The Author Seeker: dacro

For Team Epilogue:

The Artist Seeker: harrysde

The Author Seeker: lomonaaeren

For Team EWE:

The Artist Seeker: chibitoaster

The Author Seeker: aoifene

We are very pleased to announce that Team AU swept the Seeker competition. They have not one but two Golden Snitches! Congratulations to reira_21 and dacro for winning!

dacroseeker             reira_21seeker

How the votes were tabulated: Each and every eligible vote (ie, not a participant and/or not a moderator) was counted. Each story had the ability to score a total of 40 points (twenty points for LJ and twenty points for IJ) for a perfect score. The final point tally is an average of the votes versus the number of voters for each question. The Seeker points and the Commentor Awards were then added to the tabulations for the chosen team.

That bit of math geekery out of the way, now, on to the reveals of the winner of the 2009 H/D World Cup!

Reveals!Collapse )

As a thank you to all our participants, please find below banners celebrating your achievements!

Team AUCollapse )

Team EWECollapse )

Team EpilogueCollapse )

The World Cup wouldn't be what it is without the outstanding efforts of our readers and viewers. We would like to recognize those who have gone above and beyond with commenting.

Our Commentors of the WeeksCollapse )

Our Top CommentorsCollapse )

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic round, and don't forget to take your banners and post them as much as you like. Please save-as and host them yourselves. Do not hotlink.

If there is an error on your banner, please let us know. We will fix as soon as our graphics master returns from vacation.

May. 13th, 2009

hd world cup


Team AU Soundtrack

This is a special gift to you from TEAM AU.

The team has gathered together a collection of songs and music that inspired them during the writing/drawing of their entries. Some clearly reflect the entry, while others came to have a special meaning for the author/artist during the creative process.

All are WMA files of varying lengths. They are uploaded to box.net where you can choose to either download them or stream the songs. You can find a .zip of all the songs at the end.

Individual songs

Follow the cut...Collapse )

Zip File

Here is the entire TEAM AU Soundtrack in a zip file (86.8mb). TEAM AU SOUNDTRACK Please RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS. Thanks to joanwilder for hosting this.

We want to thank the Mods, watchers, and every participant in the World Cup for making this an experience to remember!

May. 6th, 2009

hd world cup


Final Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who entered this year! Below you can find the master list of all the entries this round. Voting will close at 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, May 12th, so be sure to vote and comment before then!

Team AUCollapse )

Team EpilogueCollapse )

Team EWECollapse )

And our illustrious Commenters of the Week are: cariad_winter, vaysh, mayfly_78, hermesgrl and anexiana. Please remember to email us at hdworldcup[at]gmail.com with your choice for the team to receive your 9 points by the end of voting!

May. 5th, 2009

hd world cup


Team EWE: 22. I think I saw a Pensieve like this once...

Title: A Bad Case of Deja Vu
Team: EWE
Author: bemygoodday
Prompt: 22. I think I saw a Pensieve like this once...
Wordcount: 2,200
Rating: PG
Warnings: Horrible puns.
Summary: Nothing good ever came from the Department of Mysteries, nothing good at all.
Author's Note: Thank you to Kim and Mel for the speedy beta jobs! Also, this was my first attempt at not only being as minimal as I could, but also using dialogue as opposed to internal monologue as a driver. I'm not sure how well it turned out, but I would really appreciate con-crit! Go team EWE!

A Bad Case of Deja VuCollapse )
hd world cup


Team Epilogue: 22. I think I saw a Pensieve like this once...

Title: History
Team: Epilogue
Author: emerald_dragon8
Prompt: 22. I think I saw a Pensieve like this once...
Wordcount: 17 000
Rating: R
Warnings: Infidelity, some swearing, a slightly porny scene, bad grammar in Harry's text messages (hopefully good grammar elsewhere!)
Summary: "Take from the altars of the past the fire, not the ashes" – Jean Jaures. When a case that has been closed for ten years is revisited, Albus and Scorpius must uncover the secrets of their fathers.
Author's Note: My never ending thanks go to my amazing betas, whimseywisp and curia_regis. Thanks also to my flist, who had to see my many posts panicking about this fic, my dog for being cute and helping the writing process and Caitlin, who had to hear about it even though she had no idea what I was on about. And Team Epilogue, who are an amazing and supportive group of people!

HistoryCollapse )
hd world cup


Team AU: 22. I think I saw a Pensieve like this once...

Title: Without Sound of Bells
Team: AU
Author: scarlet_malfoy
Prompt: 22. I think I saw a Pensieve like this once...
Wordcount: 20,000
Rating: R
Warnings: Angst, hurt/comfort, frottage, mutual wanking, time travel, language, spoiler warning: major character death
Summary: What would the world be like if Harry and Draco had been friends since the beginning?
Author's Note:
1. Title from the poem "At Melville's Tomb" by Hart Crane.
2. Direct dialogue borrowed from pages 77-79 of the American version of Philosopher's Stone, written by JKR, not me!
3. Harry and Draco were born a year earlier (June 23rd and July 31st, 1979) and because their birthdays occurred so late in the school year, Dumbledore and the Malfoys had the option of waiting a year before sending them to school. Both took that option.
4. Thank you to dark_branwen, lap_otter, maja_li, and the_gubette for the time they spent beta'ing and deliberating with me - it made all the difference in the world! And thanks to my AU teammates and my AMAZING captains, joanwilder and the_gubette, and to all the wonderful fest Mods!

Without Sound of BellsCollapse )

May. 2nd, 2009

hd world cup


Team Epilogue - 11. When in doubt, apparate.

Title: Ifs and Maybes
Team: Epilogue
Author: ennyousai
Prompt: 11. When in doubt, apparate.
Wordcount: ~2450
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for DH, but that's a given, no? ~_-
Summary: Harry and Draco have always known there was something between them. But sometimes what you want isn't the easy choice.
Author's Note: I was aiming for a sense of sadness in this fic in order to depict the tension between what you want and what you need to do. As such it isn't slash per se, but more along the lines of eternal UST. I hope it delivers.

Ifs and MaybesCollapse )
hd world cup


Team EWE - 11. When in doubt, apparate.

Title: The Mark of a Civilised Man
Team: EWE
Author: jamie2109
Prompt: 11. When in doubt, apparate.
Wordcount: 18500
Rating: R
Warnings: None.
Summary: Harry and Draco face each other in fight for a seat on the Wizengamot. A fight Draco is sure that this time, he can win. But a third, more malignant force arrives on the scene. One that, left unchecked, could mean a return to the dark times of a Voldemort-run Ministry. Can they fight their rising passion for each other long enough to thwart the ambitions of a practised manipulator?
Author's Note: Big huge thanks to my wonderful aoife for her help with the plot and blamebrampton for the amazing beta. Without those ladies this may have been a pretty incoherent pile of twaddle.

The interpretation for this prompt I am using is 'when all is lost, withdraw and live to fight another day.'

* Indicates wording taken directly from canon.

The Mark of a Civilised ManCollapse )
hd world cup


Team AU - 11. When in doubt, apparate.

Title: When in Doubt
Team: AU
Artist: pennswoods
Prompt: 11. When in doubt, apparate.
Medium: Ink.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Very heavily implied smexing, NSFW!!!
Summary: If only apparition were allowed inside Hogwarts...
Artist's Note: Rumors of a certain character's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

When in Doubt...Collapse )

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