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Team EWE: 6. No use in crying over spilt potion.

Title: Accidents Will Happen
Team: EWE
Artist: chibitoaster
Prompt: 6. No use in crying over spilt potion.
Medium: Pen and ink, marker, video
Rating: PG
Warnings: Extreme cuteness and "awww." Diabetics have your insulin ready.
Summary: Teddy is a little matchmaker. ^_~
Artist's Note: Thanks to my teammates for enabling me helping me choose the right song and acquire it for this video!

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Accidents Will Happen

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I love this every time I see it. You've done such a fabulous job! It's so cute- it has me giggling and instantly makes me happier. I love that it's all in black and white, with coloured words (LOVE!). And the way it follows the lines through the story- it's all just incredible. Fantastic work!
Thanks, hon!

I have to admit I watch it to make myself feel better, too. You guys were really a big help!

Go team EWE!!!
Oh my god, this was SO cute! Made me all warm and fuzzy inside :D I really loved the art; especially the boys' hair. The colourful words between the pictures have something flower-powery :D And Teddy being a little matchmaker is the cutest thing ever.

Loved it, and I'm still smiling :D
Thank you so much!! Yeah, I decided that in this day and age, we needed a little fun and happy fluffy music/video. And the flower-powery thing was intentional. They lyrics are kind of insanely happy like that "Strawberry Ice Cream Never ever ender"

yeah, that's 60's love!!

^_^ Thanks so much for commenting and voting!
This is soooooo gorgeous. I already told you this several times, but I love it! It's so bouncy and happy and joyous. And Teddy is adorable and they boys so cute when they're all blushy.

Doing it in black and white was perfect and with the coloured words just made it all so happy. It felt like hippy love peace music and all is good in the world when those two boys are in love. Accidentally or not.
Thanks hon! You've done so much to help cheer me on, and I really really appreciate it! We all needed a little light stuff after all of the angst and sadness. I feel lucky to be posted early on, but... yeah.

Go team EWE!
I absolutely loved this! Especially Teddy. It was so adorable and fuzzy and simply made my day. ♥

And the look on Draco's face when he was in the water! Hee.
As I was making this, I thought that it might be good to pause on Draco's face for a while. And I wanted to show Harry holding Teddy there, too. Kids and the way they cling are so cute!

Thank you so much for watching it and for commenting!!
so very cute and sweet! Especially Teddy's hat! Really great! It must have taken a lot of hard work. It would be awesome to see the art sometime without the animation.
My mother actually made me a hat like that for Christmas, so when I was working on the video, I wore the hat occasionally. ^_^

Thanks so much for the comment! I'm really glad you liked it. Hopefully I can post a downloadable ipod version too.

I'm so glad it helped your day a bit. There's a link to an ipod version down in one of the other comments. I actually put it on my ipod to show my (few) harry potter friends who don't have reliable internet access.

Thanks for commenting, too!!!
This is adorable. I really loved it.
Thank you so much! So glad you liked it. And thanks for commenting.

Accidents Will Happen

Teddy is also a little monster! Lol.

This was so funny and cute and light-hearted, a wonderfully feed-good potion!

The candy-coloured words were such a nice addition, the song was just the perfect match and I found myself happily bouncing along your little story. Loved how the pics turned and moved into each other - it added to the feeling of watching a movie.

Great job, and thanks a lot for sharing!

Re: Accidents Will Happen

Oh, thank you for commenting! I'm really glad you liked it.

Yeah, I decided to add in the colorful words later to give it a little of that 60's free love feel to it.

Thanks for your kind words!!! ^_^
So cute! Love Teddy's hat with the two pointed ears! :D
Hee. Yeah, they're pretty popular around here now. And I also wanted to kind of hint at the whole werewolf thing, but just ever-so-subtle.

We know it's Teddy, anyway.
That was so sweet. I love Teddy's hat. The end was brill!!
Yay, thanks!

I was a little nervous 'cause I haven't done a video like this before, but I think it turned out well.

And I had no idea the rest of the fest would be so dark up until this point. Well, maybe not dark, but certainly not light-hearted. I'm glad this video posted when it did!

I'm a sucker for these kind of upbeat happy endings.
This was just too adorable!! I love the black and white w/ the colorful words popping up. But my favorite part has to be the lines continuing from each drawing. That was just awesome. Beautiful art - *ba-dump*!
Hee... thank you.

The lines were sort of the central theme of it. I had hoped they might flow along with the music a little more, but as it turned out, I think it worked even better as a connector of these events. Happy accidents, anyone?

Yeah, this was full of them. The whole color vs. black and white thing was kind of an accident, too. I had originally intended to do the characters in color, as well, but when I saw the contrast of color words against the b/w story, I thought it made both of them stand out even more. Gave it more of an ethereal feeling, almost as if Teddy was telling the story of how he brought his Godfather and uncle together and made them fall in love.
hahaha <3 that was brilliant. your artistic abilities are fantastic.
the style took some getting used to (although I immediately LOVED the lines after and before each fragment/scene). the pace in the beginning was a bit quick/highpaced so that was why I had to shift back and watch it again.

I got a warm fuzzy feeling after that. the looks of happiness and the look on Draco's face when he was kneedeep in the water = hilarious.

Well done ! you make for some fine competition!
Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it.

Videos are so much work, but I think in the end it's worth it. And yeah, this is a style I've never really worked in before. Character designs are so completely different from what I usually draw, it was kind of hard to keep them consistently cartoony.

Although Teddy was just a bundle of energy from the beginning, and I found I could always use him as a kind of anchor.

Thanks for the comment!
OMG, this is BRILLIANT!! The animation looks so professional (and just cool), and the story is adorable. (As is wee little Teddy. D'awwwwwwwwww!!)
Thanks so much! Yeah, totally not professional here, but I've found with a lot of work, and a clear vision, I can pass it off pretty well.

I wanted to do a fun and upbeat story. There's so much darkfic! out there today, and with all the bad news in the real world, I figured we could all use a little bit of optimism in our escape.
That was wonderful. Very well paired music and art and quite orginal. Great job.
Thank you so much, hon! ^_^

You know me, I have to push myself more and more each time I do something. One of these days I'll be at my limit and quit, but not yet. :P

I like working in the music. Most of the time I hear a song and just decide that I MUST MAKE STORY TO GO WITH IT!!!

Sometimes, the whole thing plays out in my mind as soon as I hear the song.

Anyway, I'm gad you liked it, and thanks for the comment!

This is just so cute I want to hug it. The song choice is perfect!
Hee! Thank you! So glad you liked it!!

Thanks for the comment, too, it really made my day!
Wow! for the cuteness overdose. It was sweet beyond words. And while I loved bot the art and the music, it was the way "the camera" turned and travelled and how one pic seemed to somehow be a continuation in another dimension of the pic before, that stunned me to silence.

Great job.
Thank you so much for watching and commenting.

Yeah, I had to ugh... the timing on that, and getting the positions of the pictures right was a lot of work. The actual drawing was only about half of it. The re-drawing to make it better for the video and the actual timing of the animation was at least 20 hours of the work. :P

Still, labour of love, right?
That's completely brillant. Totally worth being late to work for. :D
Oh, don't be late for work! (hope you didn't get in trouble).

So glad you liked it, watched it. When this whole thing is over, I'll be posting the individual pics and an ipod version of the video on my own journal - littleblackbow.insanejournal.com

This was so cute! I love your end work! When I saw it without the music I wasn't sure how it would work but word! It's awesome! XD
This was so so cute!!!

You've done an amazing job, I LOVE it!!! The music was perfect, an the black an d white painting with only coloured "love" and "ba-dum".
The last pic was my favorite.

I have to watch it again.
OMG!!! this is amazing! it's totally adorable and i love how you've put all the images together in one flowing sequence. that must have taken a lot of time and planning. definitely one of the best h/d art pieces i've seen!
I really enjoyed this, it reminded me of that old Aha! video, except with Harry and Draco goodness. You really told the story well, and I loved the expressions on all of the characters. I think my favorite frame was probably the hands around the coffee cup, cause it said it all. Thank you!
I also thought of "Take On Me" in a couple of spots.
Chibi, this is ADORABLE. Every frame of it, and the music is perfect. And at the end?

That little stinker! I laughed out loud. Well done.
That was amazing! I loved how the 'camera' just drifted over the artwork like an wandering eye. I can't even imagine how much work that must have taken. It's really clever piece of storytelling - really creative and unique.

I think my favourite images is the one of Hary clinging onto Teddy standing in the river and the close up of Harry and Draco's faces at the end - different kinds of love *g*

I must go and watch it again! Excuse me :D

Edited at 2009-04-02 03:57 pm (UTC)
Oh, Rana!
So awesome! (and very schmoopy! YAY!)
That last scene is just priceless. hee hee. Teddy is a joy from his matchmaking talents to him duck-charming abilities. :) Seeing them all in the pond was just too cute.

I'm so watching this again! Great work!
Are you going to upload this on youtube? I don't like quick time player and I'm not going to install it again, :-(
yeah! I'm putting it on youtube in another week. I had to wait until this posted before I could upload it.

My youtube account is chibitoaster, too, so you can check it out... Next Thursday, I think.
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